Safe to smoke after harvest?

Hey everyone, I think I know the answer but better safe than sorry. My one girl that’s been battling a low soil PH which turned into a cal mag and phosphorus deficiency is ugly lol. She is unfortunately the fattest girl of the bunch so far and I had to actually tie up some branches today. My question is are these crispy ugly leaves fine to smoke? I’m assuming so because I know the plant usually kills off leaves anyways but just wanted to make sure whatever I don’t trim off during harvest is fine to smoke.

The leaves are usually harsh even when coated in crystals. Most growers will save them and underdeveloped buds from the bottom to make concentrates, hash or oils.


Yea unfortunately on this plant most of the leaves are bad, the sugar leaves as well but it doesn’t bother me if they still smoke alright :slight_smile:

Probably not going to taste good at all. Your call. I save them in a bag and collect until I have enough to make a few grams of extract.


I will be very interested in that exact subject in a couple months @Borderryan22 i want to slow down on smoking and catch a buzz that way … do you have a journal :thinking:

You can freeze them ina a bag, drop the material on screen and collect the kief and smoke it that way should get rid of that harshness and make them bowls and joints extra tasty.

They re harsh but still totally fine to smoke, i had a few plants like that when i used to do organics and they still got me plenty stoned . Itll take extra long but if you have a pair of tweezer then after dry you can pluck them all

Look into a butter machine. I always give my trim and clip away to a buddy