Safe suggestions for ordering seeds online?

Worried about using credit card for purchasing seeds. Any suggestions as to alternate payment methods?

I use the bank deposit option from ILGM . Just go to the bank (BOA) and deposit the cash in their acct . I had my seeds in under 15 days.

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I’m a cash customer and haven’t been disappointed! Takes a bit longer but with discretion comes a price.


The seed page provides a few alternative options. All seem to be reasonably efficient.


I also do cash with ILGM. Never had a problem.

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No problem here either. I even got replacements when the shipment was intercepted.

I paid with Zell e… no issues.

Add the E to the end of Zell…Apparently I can’t use the word…although it is a payment option offered by ilgm?

Cool, thanks everyone. Think I’ll try the slow moving money order route and stick with discretion.

Crypto is very easy to do also. Wouldn’t over think it too much…

How long after paying with Zel.le app

before i can track my order status? I keep trying and it says i dont have an order and i already paid for it…???

It took 5 day with my last two orders using Zell.e
It took 24hrs for the payment to go thru.Got a email the next day it was shipped.

Thank you!!

Be patient, it doesn’t take long.
Good chance you’ll have them by the end of the week once payment is confirmed. They are quick and someone will respond to you during the weekday for sure.

Thanks again everyone. I will have more patience with future orders. Got my payment confirmation this morning. Yay :raised_hands:

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I’m trying to pay with zell they have me an email to send the money to but not. a name the apps asking for a name the only name I got in the email was florida e cards but that’s not working any suggestions ? I sent an email but havent heard anything back yet

Where do you put the order number? I’m not sure if your banking app is the same as mine but when I put the price in it ask me what’s this for ? Is that where I put the order number?

I put the order # in comment box.