Safe pesticides for flowering?

Possibly. I dont mix chems myself. And i didnt even notice! BuDz Aldrin :man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5: Man ima stoner

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Well crap! We rinsed it out really well but I didn’t even think of that!

And thank you, lol. I never know if people get the reference

No worries @PurpNGold74 this is the first I’m hearing of anyone noticing lol

Its a mental thing. We see wat we think we see.

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Lol. Now we need a KneelFarmstrong


Sad news everybody. I went out of town for a week or so and left my girls in the care of a friend. While I was gone, caterpillars infested tf out of my plants. There is one plant for sure we’ve lost and the more we look through them, the more damage and caterpillars we find. I found 6 caterpillars within 8 inches of each other on a single branch and the buds are brown and damaged and full of sh*t. I’m pretty sure we’ll be losing all 6 of our beautiful girls. The damage is devastating and overwhelming :pensive:

That sucks. Sorry to hear that. Praying you can salvage them.

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So sorry for ur girls. Was wondering how things were going. Best of luck with them. :v:

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Devastating is the right word…so sorry man. That sucks hard, losing a crop to little Nazi insects is so much harder then losing them to your own mistakes. :trumpet::trumpet::trumpet::notes::notes:Playing taps …


I say u nuke the lil bast*rds to hell! If my plants gotta die… she’s dragging u insignificant busters with her!


Lol @PurpNGold74 yeah maybe. Love the smell of napalm in the morning. Especially directed at godless terrorists like these f*ckers

Thank you @LoCoRock I’ve had some moments of silence for them :pensive: I don’t know if it’s harder losing them or knowing there was nothing I could do to save them. So much time, energy, and money and now it’s too late to start again unless I do autos—and even they may or may not have enough time outdoors now.

Not to mention we were thinking this harvest would produce bud for us for the next year…sigh

I never had beef with caterpillars until now


They are vicious :poop:’s. No lie. My first 3-5 fights with bugs were pillars. They work quickly and can get deep. Just be preventative early next round. N get those autos in the ground ASAP. Maybe a lil greenhouse

I used a pyrethrin and it completely nuked my plant. Turns out I should’ve used a pyrethrum. I’m not sure of your experiences, but I stay far away from it now.

It would really depend on what pyrethrin you used and what was the mix rate? Was anything else used as an active? Cheaper chemicals sometimes have cheaper solvents and detergents which will cause plants to die… I’ve seen some take paint off houses. I personally try to stay ahead of the game and use other forms of control as much as possible. Always look into phytotoxicity when dealing with synthetic chemicals

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