Safe Odors for the grow room?


I am growing in an alcove in my bedroom, but the room and my clothes constantly stink. I am thinking of getting an essential oil diffuser to help out with the smell, but I’m not sure if it’s bad for the plants at all? My flowering area is not inside of a tent, but the grow area is blocked off by floor to ceiling curtains. Does anyone have a good solution to this common problem?


If going with the oil I certainly wouldn’t recommend using in the same room as plants however you could in another room. Otherwise are you trying to prevent from going through the house or just being on your clothes and personel @lj


I would recommend a carbon filter in your tent and a carbon filter for your closet if there’s a way to vent it out but it still should reduce smell by 75% or more


I have a carbon filter, but it I’m not using a tent for most of the plants. Ideally, I am trying to remove/mask the smell in my room so it’s not on my clothes and I can bring guests in without any hassle.


I would suggest getting a tent… because you need a separate growing area from your living area and that’s the only way to accomplish that… other than that , get used to the smell …much love my man… keep it green…



Look on google for an odor control machine they are 50-60 and will help you @lj


1 or 2 it might work… but mine stink up the hole area even in veg… might need more oder control… (ie) tent… just saying… he’s the only one that knows for sure… :wink:

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I started off with 3 plants in our bedroom alcove. Quickly ran into your same problem. New here and had no idea what I was getting into. They have now moved to the garage in a grow tent. They’re happy and we’re happy! Tent is 2’x4’x5’ for under $60 on Amazon.


Sometimes it just helps and makes sense to get the right equipment for the longevity of what you’re doing…



Thanks for all the suggestions. I am going to look into getting a large flowering tent and/or odor control machines.



That is really is the only logic thing to do. Here is a link to help you get started

Hope this helps