Safe insecticide?

Is bioadvanced vegetable and garden spray safe to use on cannabis? It is only . 75% cyfluthrin and everything I’ve read says it isn’t harmful to humans in the amounts that I would be using. Any knowledge is welcome

What stage of growth? I prefer organic methods over anything else. If it’s mites or aphids then just release a few lady bugs.

My wife loves when I release a few thousand inside

Only problem is they’re up in the hills out in the mountains and if I release ladybugs they’ll all end up going away but there’s several weeks old there a couple feet and it’s spider mites aphids whiteflies caterpillars all kinds of stuff

Gotcha, praying mantis! I love those guys for outdoors

Or the good old remedy of Luke warm water and a little dish detergent, remember to spray both sides of the leaves

Yeah I know all that it’s just where I’m at there’s so many of them little bastards and next thing you know you got root aphids in all kinds of shit going on at if no matter what I do there’s always something else did I got to fend off after I get rid of them. I don’t wanna use poison but I want to keep them alive to you know what I mean. I do appreciate the reply though thank you

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If your not in flower I’d say save by any means necessary and try to flush out between cycles

Weekly sprays with neem oil solution can stave off most pests.

Check out my garlic+chili pepper juice. Can’t copy the link from my phone. Search for safe pesticide’

1 Like bush doctor insect killer by fox farms

That’s the way I see it when flowering starts I try to use homemade spray with garlic and hot sauce and pepper and stuff. And hey thanks for throwing your thoughts at me I appreciate it.

I tried using garden safe brand last season and couldn’t get anywhere with it. Couldn’t find another brand locally

I use the homemade sprays during flowering cycle. They usually work pretty good during that time. Thanks

I’ve been using the dyna-grow from Amazon. 1tsp neem oil, 1qt h2o, a few drops of dawn dish soap, spray every other week… no pests.

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This stuff works fantastic on molds and fungus. 1 application and my powdery mildew is gone and its organic. I’m going to repat every 10 days

Amazon carries it

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