Sad looking leaves on Banana Kush Grow

Howdy folks!

So I’m about 6 weeks into a new grow. This is my 5th grow now. First couple not very successful. The following have been quite good and this one was looking promising until now :weary:

Hoping y’all can help!

It’s winter here in the southern hemisphere. Temps getting down to about 7 or 8 overnight. But my light stays on for most of the night and helps keep the room warm.

I have some sad looking leaves though pictured below after a very successful start.

I don’t think it’s over watering. And I don’t think it’s under watering as I’ve seen both in my earlier grows.

Watering has been pH balanced. Haven’t fed them anything yet.

Soil is a little denser this time around. With more soil and less coco. That’s my only change.

Have chucked up a bunch of photos from over the last few weeks. Top photos are the latest. Photos toward the bottom are the oldest.

You can see how well they took off. Then topped them. And they started to get a little sad. Like in the third picture down.

Hop you guys can help!


Natural would be best for pics but I see what you mean in the 3rd pic. It just looks like watering issue. Sometimes under watering will make them droop but also sometimes right after you water they may droop.

Also what kind of soil and are you using any nutrients?

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Yeah true, I’ll take some better photos in the morning. They’ve been sitting like this for a while. About a week almost. I did a mild watering to see if they would take anything but to no avail. Currently letting them dry out to see how they react. It’s like they’ve just stunted growth almost. Not getting bigger.

Moved my light down a bit to see if that helped since they’re getting to second half of their growth cycle…

My soil is a mix of Coco, perlite and an organic compost/soil from a local organics store. No feeding for that reason. There’s plenty of nutrients in the soil and it’s balanced too. There is some sand mixed in with that soil though. Any thoughts there?

Have grown with this before. However increased soil amounts slightly. I personally don’t think soil is the issue. Have started using felt pots. Previously only ever used plastic. Maybe a drainage issue…

I will update with more pics soon!

You can see where the soil is pulling away from the sides of the fabric pot (last pic)… that usually means under watered.

do you water to runoff? If so, do you measure TDS and pH of the runoff?

I have watered until run off each time. But haven’t been watering to the edges. Only because I’m following my last successful grow which was in the warmer months.

I can give that a crack. Maybe if the roots are reaching the outer edges of the pot they aren’t getting enough water.

I haven’t given them a full dowsing only because the soil is still heavy. My soil water meter reads wet enough and is pretty damp to the touch upon sticking my finger in.

Never heard of total dissolved solids before! I’ll look into that. May I please ask why we need to be interested in this as well?

And the pH reads 6.5 at run off. Soil test this morning was neutral.

I have been adjusting my water to pH 6.5 before each watering with pH down. Measured in a 2 litre watering jug. Would continuous pH down have any negative side affects? I didn’t use this last time…

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So as a rule of thumb, you should water just outside of their root structure to make them seek out the moisture (increase root mass).

I use the ‘lift a pot’ method. Feel how heavy the pot feels with just almost dry dirt vs when you first water. it takes a few times but it’s the easiest way of knowing when to water.

Measuring TDS (Total Dissolved Solids aka EC) in and out… your new soil should have plenty of nutrients to carry it for many weeks. When you water and measure your runoff TDS you shouldn’t need to worry about adding nutrients until that TDS reading drops below 800-850. The only things I add before I ever add nutes is Epsom, Cal/Mag, Liquid Bone Meal and some kind of mychos (I use Recharge but there are many good ones out there)

Using pH down every time will not harm anything. The most important thing is making sure the pH is at a level to help uptake as many nutes as possible.


The chart above is nice but it is important to know that some deficiencies are actually caused by other macro and micro nutrients being out of whack. It’s best, if you think you have a deficiency to do a flush with a light amount of regular nutrients and see how the plant reacts to that first before trying to figure out what deficiency you might have (You may have just had a salt build up that is preventing nutrient uptake)

Awesome information thank you. And in layman’s terms too. Haha I appreciate that.

Interesting point about the roots there. I’ll have to give them a heart watering towards the outside of the pots once they’ve taken up what I gave them yesterday. And see what happens! I have an inclination that could be my problem.

Attached are some closer pictures under more natural light too to help.

There’s a few gnats around. I’d imagine due to too much moisture in the grow space. Very budget. But they’re under control and don’t seem to be harming the soil… That’s about all I can think of.

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Kinda looks like maybe an excess of N but you’re not adding anything so I’m at my limit for knowledge and troubleshooting LOL

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If your watering and ph is dialed in, then maybe it can be your air flow (Inline fan, regular fans) And maybe get some ventilation in somewhere to allow new and fresh air in…But Idk your set up, so im just throwing out ideas! Im a beginner so I hope someone more knowledgeable can help ya!


Haha no stress. If I find a cure I’ll be sure to post.

I’ll tag a few people @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 @Not2SureYet

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What are your lights on temps and lights off temps?

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G’day guys. After some time they’ve slowly slowly slowly produced some flower. More than I thought I’d get really, I thought I was gonna lose them. Glad I didn’t bail and call it quits. But still they’re stunted and kind of shitty.

Almost positive it was a fungus gnat issue crossed with a poor soil mix. Too soil heavy and not enough coco. This was a trial. But seems it helped lead to the gnat issue because the soil wasn’t drying fast enough. There were signs of gnats I the early days but I ignored it because we have literally hundreds of house plants and we have them relatively under control. They’re always in our house but usually around our water based plants like the monstera and devils Ivy.

As they continued to grow, or lack there of, it became more and more apparent. Predominantly it was the very wilted leaves and slow yellowing over the entire plant not just at the top of bottom. And some brown spots too.

No matter what I did with watering they seemed to never bounce back UNTIL I took them outside and left them out there for a few days once they were really dry. They seemed to bounce back once they were REALLY dry which led me to believe it was a gnat issue.

Then doused with a mix of hydrogen peroxide and water to kill them off and they’re almost ready to harvest.

Here’s a current picture. Looking very small and unhealthy as you can see but it’s a good reference photo for those who may have a similar issue. The two on the right are the autos. I have a big bud clone that a friend gave me on the left which I’ll post about later if she bounces back. Hoping since she’s a photo it’ll crank with some love and care. We’ll see! Thanks for your help guys. Hoping this helps someone else in their endeavours :heart: It’s been a good learning experience.



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