Sad little seedling

She started with the seed membrane stuck to her for an extra day, then she was sun deprived when I had to move her out and hide her for a day because there was this random “state search” of my apartment complex. She’s still standing and responding to light but she’s leggy and her first leaves are all shriveled. The other one who sprouted at the same time looks ok. This is day 5 since she broke soil.
Any recommendations?

It doesn’t really look unhealthy at all. Give it time, it will start producing true leaves.

It produced them and then they died but now it looks like it’s producing them again.

Yeah, that is what I am saying, it should start producing new ones as the rest of the plant looks healthy and it still does have kind of a little crown forming out of the middle.

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Hi. It’s been a while so I thought I’d post an update. I set up a cfl box in my closet and started this girl on a flowering cycle just yesterday. I’m doing basic LST on her. That brown clippy thing is from an orchid splint.

She’s in Sunshine Pro Mix in a 2 gallon Root Pouch getting low doses of Foxfarm Big Bloom every other watering alternated with hard limey Indiana tap water.

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Watering with limey Indiana tap water will probably eventually cause you problems.

How much is the EC or PPM and the pH of your water? Getting an accurate reading of the total dissolved solids of your limey hard water and the alkalinity will give us a better idea of what impact it could have. If the water is pretty far off from ideal, you will need to monitor the pH of your soil as well as the possible mineral salt build up in the soil to prevent nutrient salt toxicities or pH nutrient lockouts or toxicities.

I was using water from those filtering stations at the grocery store but I figured the phosphorus and magnesium etc in the tap water would be beneficial. I do put it in a jug with the lid off for at least 24 hours first to evaporate the chlorine.

This is good info, and yes some of those minerals are good for you and the plants. This isn’t very useful to know what is coming out your tap right now.

You still need ways to check what is building up in your soil, and you need a way to monitor how the tap water will change throughout the year. 8.5 pH is way too high, a 6.5 would be fine.

Okay I’ll shop for a pH testing kit on payday. Looking at that tap water profile that seems like a lot of sodium.

She looks good though, right? Considering? I’m pretty sure it’s a girl too based on what the preflowers looked like.

Yup, she’s looking good so far. Get a digital TDS/PPM pen too, they are only like about $10 on amazon and elsewhere.
TDS meter:

pH meter:®-Accuracy-Approved-Measurement-Resolution/dp/B00FJFEB2O/?tag=greenrel-20

It’s a girl.


If I upload a pic of my little set up for 1 plant could yall jus tell me if im on the right track and if I need to change anything

Boy Stoner don’t this sound formilur.maybe he should go see my post…" New growth turning yellowish from inside the middle outward .
I wouldn’t want to see him go through what I just did.
Am thinking it wouldn’t t hurt.


Yeah let’s see what’s up.

It’s in the Control and Treatment section. Read what Stoner posted.


Just wanted to post an update.

She looks pretty but if I do the math she should be much farther along by now. I started 12/12 2 months ago. But then I had a power outage about one month ago, which might have knocked her back into veg. I also added 2 40w CFLs last week, bringing her up to 135w total, which is really just minimally sufficient to get any kind of yield. I’m going to calculate her harvest time at about a month from now, two months after the power outage.

But considering she was all stretched out and her first leaves died and came back and I actually damaged a couple of her roots when I transplanted her out of her Solo cup I’m kind of amazed she’s even alive, let alone producing.