Sad flowering stage

Why does the plant look droopy ?

How big is that pot?

@blackthumbbetty 5 gallons

Was the pic taken just before either lights on or off?

I’m noticing some discoloration on a few leaves, too.

Tell us everything you can about your grow, such as medium, nutes, pH, lights being used and their power/height, your temps and rh, watering practices, and strain.

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Appears to be underlit too

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@blackthumbbetty @dbrn32
I need to get a ph tester I have a 150w sunsystem
Using ffof soil , I usually water once a week with a gallon of water with a little less than the amounts of nutrients then it should with the fox farm nutrients

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Yes, you need to get a pH meter.


Plus discontinue nutrients at this point. Later; yes. Not now in FFOF.


@Myfriendis410 @blackthumbbetty , I’m still a rookie at this stuff … I needa get some stuff together still


With Fox Farms, an ec/tds meter would be helpful, too. Not necessary, but it’ll help you know how much stuff is in the soil, which let’s you know how much your plants are eating & how much more food you need to put in.