S there any way you can give me suggestions on setting up my first grow room?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

is there any way you can give me suggestions on setting up my first grow room? Like i found a 48x48x80 room that comes with a ventilation system but i need a light and would like to know how much light id need and how many plants i could get in a room of that size

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How much light you need depends on how many plants you plan on growing
600-800 watts would be perfect in that space tho
If looking into lights check out Cmh fixtures as well as led fixtures
I use both with good results but like my cmh better

Charcoal filter Exhaust fan and intake fans are recommended
The filter is only needed if you need to control smells
A couple of fan inside tent is also a must keep that air moving

Ph meter tds meters are also both needed

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I setup my bottom port to be diagonal from my filter. You need a good fan i use a 440cfm 6in fan and that is to help with the reduction in the bends of my exhaust going through 2 600w hps lights.
I would try for 50 watts per square foot you need a minimum of 800 watts for a 4x4 but if you go with led other factors will play a role in selecting a light.
You can get 6 decent sized plants and could do 8 with sog method but pain to water and feed i made mine portable so i can flush and trim easier. I Use 5 gallon air pots. Here is what i got going on right now

Grow ROOM…or…Grow TENT?

@ThcinKC…Please tell me what strain are your pics. How long from seed?
Smell factor?

I am planning on short bud heavy strain with major low smell factor. Thank you.

That’s a 4x4x6 grow tent with critical mass and ilgm white widow photo fem seeds. The white widow has a low oder just a earthy smell you can’t tell what it is. Not like a super skunk or Colombian red bud. It takes me 10 1/2 weeks to 13 weeks in flower for it to be ready for harvest from seedling add 6 or 8 weeks i don’t start flower stage till 18 to 20 inches tall or filled out the sog. If your looking for alot of resin the critical mass has alot it smells stronger like a earthy and fruit stand smell and super sticky it’s a 8 to 10 weeks in flower and very good yielding.

@ThcinKC…Thank You. I have avoided WW because thought it was a strong smell.
Will be on the final list now.

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