S.O.S. Please Help!

Hi there- Long time listener, first time caller.

I need help diagnosing-

DWC in 3x2x6 room with MARS t600 light.
Advanced Nutes.
pH Level: 5.5
PPM: 700
image image image

What happened???
Thanks in advance!

Looks like cocoa? @Bulldognuts you know any cocoa growers?

Are you using Cal-mag? Coco requires it.

And welcome to the community.


Welcome to the forum.

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Looks like hydro.

Ph to 5.8 and ppm to 250-350

Way to high ppm for that stage


Cocoa? Oh I hope not!!! Sorry- should have said Bubble Gum autoflower. 3rd week.

I’m using Advanced Nutrients - Micro, Bloom, Grow.

Unsure on adjusting pH since they’re already supposed to balanced?

I thought the PPM’s were high, but since they’re autoflower, shouldn’t she be entering mid veg stage??

Thanks again everyone- greatly appreciated!!

Is it hydroponics ? Dwc ?

Yes Hydro- dwc

Make sure water level is 2" below bottom of net pot also. Water level to high can drown plant.

Make sure there is plenty of air to air stone. Always check through grow as airstones get gummed up from nutrients.

And yes 700ppm is to high.

Do you have a pic of whole plant ?


Great call on the water level- it is too high!

Here’s pics of both.

Thanks so much!image image

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Looks like coco puffs

But certainly not coco coir. Which is essentially coconut fibers.

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Hydrotons… clay pebbles.

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LOL. See how old i am. All soil baby. :exploding_head::thinking::rofl::rofl:

I thought that was some concentrate rolled in kief…

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