S.O.S. Please. Having major issues

Growing white widow autos from ILGM. Plants are in different mixtures of FFOF and roots organic micro greens. Have only used collected rainwater to water in an outdoor grow and not added nutes. It’s day 23 and going from bad to worse. 5 days ago I noticed signs of leaf miners as well as a few brown spots on leaves. I removed bad leaves and used Capt. Jacks Deadbug spray and it seemed better for 2 days but on day 3 there were more brown spots. Used Capt. Jacks again last night but it seemed even worse today. (Some were watered yesterday, some haven’t been watered in a week but all are having issues).

Try mosquito bits in the soil also soak some in water and water your plants with it. It kills some types of larvae. It’s harmless to humans and animals.

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Maybe you need to give what you try more time before judging your results.

Good morning Hawiitoday. I’d you didn’t spill water on the leaves, it looks like a calmag deficiency.


Thanks, I’ll try that.

This helps me, your leaves will tell you everything.

Thanks, I’ll look into the cal mag deficiency issue. I’ve been careful about not getting water onto the plants in the sunlight so I know it’s not that.

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