S.O.S my plants are in distress

A question from a fellow grower:

i am attaching some photos of my plants having growing problems. Could you take a look and help me resolve them please.
Many thanks in advance!\

Hard to say from you picture. We will be glad to help if you can give us more info. I suggest you join our support forum; Find the “Support Ticket” in the GrowFAQS, or beginner forum. Fill this out best you can and we will have a better understanding of what you need. Peace :slight_smile:

It looks as if it mite be Potassium Deficiency . Check your ph Could be way out of range. Should be 6.0 - 6.5 is goodl. But like Lakewood said fill out the support ticket.


Filling out the support ticket out would help a lot.

At least knowing what the pH is at in the root zone and what type of soil and or feeding regiment you have been giving the plant would help us a lot with advising a potential remedy.

Happy growing,