S Florida 1st time pics, need help

This is my 1st attempt to grow with Super Skunk and Gold Leaf.

I started them in jiffy pellets and pots. Mix my own soil (buy cheap soil then mix in my good sand, perlite, peat moss, cow dung with an actual fish that disintegrates while waiting for a plant).

Have lost 6 Super Skunk by either them not popping or popped and were super stretched. :sob:
My new seedlings started stretching within days so had to “fix” them by adding dirt around the stems. They seem to be accepting but are slow.:crazy_face:

Am outdoor grower who is disabled and on a very tight budget Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.:sunglasses



20190605_114108|375x500 !

20190605_114121|375x500 !

This last pic is Gold Leaf.

Sorry have an issue getting all pics posted…guess will have to do one by one.(?)

The next three are Super Skunk

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I have a PH for the water, try and use rainwater. Also have and PH meter for the soil. Both are the first time using and a bit confusing,

I have no run off because I only water around the plants a bit and spray them 2-3 times a day.

Also they are not in full sun yet, have them on porch in shaded area. Afraid they are too tender for my S Florida sun and afternoon heavy rains.

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Yes have been very careful with the amount of water and where.
Will do a ring instead of around the plants stem. Makes sense.
What about the time to put them in the sun?

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STRONGLY SUGGEST you buy a PH n PPM Meter set…$20 online.
Flying blind without.

I tried regular dirt…not so good results. I ended up going to DWC as I cannot afford $200 in use once or twice growing media. With DWC…5 gallon buckets, aerator, lights and 4x4 tent…gets me going. After that the only expense is good quality nutes and water.

Dun have to spend big bucks to grow. Do have to go tru the learning curve as to what works best for your unique situation and your needs.

Best Wishes…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:

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BTW…the stick it in the ground PH meter is worthless.

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Hey buddy if they are stretching they need more sunlight, i live in south texas we have similar climates, your seedling will do fine in full morning sun a couple hours at a time, they will adjust, jusy monitor them and make sure theylook happy. I start mine as soon as they pop out

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Listen to the crabman. Early morning sun and a bit of the evening wont kill em. Just ease them (hour or so a day) into more intense as they grow.

Also wicked and tan are correct. PH PH PH. Wicked important. The soil ph pens are ineffective. U can get a cheapo but 25-30 bucks gets u comfort n peace of mind. Invaluable tool.

And most importantly enjoy it. They are ur babies. And as we all know… ‘they grow up so quickly! :sob::sob::sob:

The 1st try I used blue light to sprout in jiffy pellets and then they stretched almost over night, so do believe putting therm outside asap is the answer. Also too much peat moss and then over watered, once planted was another problem. Learning curve.

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What problems will spraying with a mist of water cause? Will get a PPM meter, thanks for the recommendation.

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Water doesn’t cause any problems, if u mist early in thd morning around 6am or late in the afternoon affter sundown, i always give my girls a bath with aloe water in the afternoon and spray them with neem oil or organocide once a week as a preventative, i couldn’t imagine morning dew affecting my plants, we having been growing outdoors for years witho a problem, after a big down pour i shake every bud on the plant so it dont cause bud rot, outside is a good choice if you dont have a good light indoors, seedling will adapt and stop stretching


What about feeding these small ladies and when?

I wouldn’t feed her anything, it seem like your have your soil prepped with some amendments all ready. Also if its still has its cotyledon that supplies the seedling with food for now, just water

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How about feeding them now? 20190620_142427|666x500


Had lots of rain and believe my oldest girl is over watered.!(upload://6kGrfBCyzyw0r8impxjaYlQLbBh.jpeg)

No way, they will be fine , let them dry out, those marks on your leaves are leaf miner bugs not a nutrient deficiency, looking good

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Minner bugs? Use neem oil?

No usee there trails gently squash that are without hurting leaf, tgere inside yoyr leaf, no biggy, growing outdoors its common

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Say this again in simpler english?

Put the leaf in between your thumb and pointer finger rub leaf gently without damaging it, this kills the bug inside your leaf

Lmoa. @SoFlo , haha no sense at all!!!