Ryan Riley grow light

Hello, has anyone heard of or purchased the " Bud Beacon " grow light fron Ryan Riley’s " growing elite marijuana? "

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@@latewood and @Aquaponic_Dumme are currently in the making, if not already done, in a specialized cannabis growing light with COB technology, just like the “Bud Beacon” from Ryan Riley … Just ask for them :grinning: :innocent:

~Al :v: :innocent:

P.s. The “Bud Beacon” light is THE best light in the market for now in the field of specification (PAR, umols/sec, and lumens capacity) but are a little pricey $$ but still less pricey $$$ then top of the line product like Spectrum King or Gorilla…

Hi Niala, thank you for the info. I can purchase the 600w for $498.00 including shipping. I can’t however seem to find any reviews of the product. Could you help by recommending some sites?

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@Duke One of the best sites I have found is LEDGROWLIGHTSDEPOT>COM. Check it out

Hi @Duke , before going on that road further, Ryan Riley is a competitor because he have or is affiliated to another seed bank, so, until @latewood or @Aquaponic_Dumme are disponible to give the specifications of their creations and their prices, I recommand, if you’re not in an emergency, that you wait for their response… I have full confidence on them, I think you are gone a save some bucks :wink::grinning:

~Al :innocent: :v:

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Give me a shout when the boys sort their product, I could use a cob if it’s guaranteed ect

Niala, thank you. I don’t know how to contact Latewood or Dumme. I would guess that it’s simple and right on the forum but I’m pretty inept at this stuff.

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Hello, I asked earlier if anyone heard of Ryan Riley’s " Bud Beacon " grow light. @Niala said that it was one of the best out there. But she also stated that you were working on a similar, but possibly better product. Would you be able to tell me about the light and if it is available?


I just contact latewood and Dumme is currently undisponible for health reason… So, I have scavange all information that I can from the light project and it’s gone a be a plug and play with some assembly requirement…

Assembly will be an aluminum case with all pre-holes made for the COB lights and pre-angle carefuly made and establish (4 corner and 1 center) , the driver is included but as to be mounted as well in his pre-holes…

Here’s a picture of the COB lights :

Since Dumme is the conceptor of the aluminum frame, we cannot provide pictures…

So, it’s an all COB system and in a configuration of 5 it will most probably cost more than the “Bud Beacon” …

That’s said, the price is unknown at this time and will most probably will be the cost of the manufactury plus charge of the aluminum case and handeling…

The “Bud Beacon” is a mix between COB technology and reflector LED technology , that have a Veg-Bloom-Full spectrum switch… That seems impressive but, do not let that thing fool you… Honestly, in my personnal research and experience, I found that you only need a full spectrum and a bloom spectrum at the last 3 weeks of flowering … A bloom spectrum can be achieved by, if you have the height space, by roughly double the height between your normal space between the canopy and your lamp, if you have a real full spectrum light…

Anyway, if you feel comfortable and have the $$$ to spend on that kind of light, that is one of the greatest for your money, by the way, and it will be suitable for maximum 3×4 space or 12’ square if you prefer…

And honestly, I have a “King Plus” 1000 equivalent watts, double 5 watts diodes (so 10 watts /chips) that only draw around 200 watts (real draw) and I have harvest 2 pound with 5 plant in a 2×2 closetand it cost me 200$canadian dollars…, so… My personnal advise will be… go for what you gut tell you, but do not spend too much :wink:

~Al :v: :innocent:

P.s. And by the way, I am a “he” no offense taken, @Duke :wink:


Hi, my apologies. Thank you for all of your information and advice. Riley claims that the 600w will produce 1500 par at the lights center when 24" above the canopy. It is obvious that you know a great deal more about all of this than I do. I’ve only been doing this for about 16 months. I’ve tried to read as much as I can but there is nothing like talking to people with real life experience.
That being said, if I am going to do this I want to do it well. The price on the Beacon is at my high end but if it gives me better and a larger harvest it will be worth it. Is there any idea of when the product will be available?
I would also like to say that you seem to be aquanqtanses with with both latewood and Dumme. Even though I obviously am not, my best wishes and hopes that Dumme feels better.

I own the 600watt bud beacon and in my humble opinion I have no reservations on recommending this product.
Presently I am growing three plants under this light and they are doing fantastic.
The buds have a very short internodal spacing and the way the plants are growing, I expect to shorten the flowering time by approximately one week.
Lights are not the only thing to consider if you want a successful grow.
Make sure your ph is between 5.8 and 6.5 with a ppm of approx 1000 ppm tds, temp with lights on around 75-80 deg. and humidity around55%