Rusty spots lhelp me please

2 of my girls have these spots. Do I need to disown them right now.
I grow outside and we had a lousy spring but the girls are healthy otherwise.
You guys are so important. Thanks for your help.

Whats on the leaves, dirt?
Looks like tiny worm or caterpillar or something like that to me, but far from expert here…lol


overall plant looks good. spots look like sun burn. a water spot will magnify sun and burn spot. IF…you see a “trail” in the leaf, it’s leaf miners.


If you have a magnfier glass check both sides of your leaves for very small bugs or eggs .fullsizeoutput_519


Thanks for your feedback. I’ll get 'er done this morning😺

Thank you you may have hit the nail
We had a week of insane heat…

suggest you water/mist/spray when the sun is NOT full on you plants.

early morning or late afternoon…early morning would be best…like a nice dew moisturizing the leaves for a new day of healthy growing. :cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:

I’ve been watering early mornings. It’s very possible wind spray did it. I’ve decided to water at night. I appreciate your help
Happy growing😾