Rust spots on leaves taking whole plant I just lost one help

So my big girl started developing these rusty colored leaves it took over all the green growth and killed my plant in 2 days now my perfectly healthy girl I just put into flower is doing the same please help me I’m lost I flushed but don’t know what to do

If i am seeing that right it reads 35.3 c which is about 95f way too hot for indoor grow and your humidity is too low


You need to fill out a support ticket so we can help you.

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That is way to hot in there and this is probably the cause. You are literally baking the plant.

Once you hit 29 degrees Celsius, the plant will start having issues. I have seen this in my beginning days where my room was hitting 40 degrees Celsius.

So if you can control the room temperature aka via say a Window AC, the temps in the tent will come down. Its about controlling the temp in the room.


Way too hot I know but it was just fine until I out her in the flowering is it heat and nutrient lockout

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I’m getting one the next day so it’s for sure not fungus I got so scared but I checked it doesn’t flake off it’s like a plant infection or just heat damage idk what do y’all think

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What do you mean

How do I do this please help this is killing me I already lost one baby they are ilgm clones not actual seeds idk if they support clones do they?

No they do not. They cover seed germination. If they also covered clones they would go bankrupt.

Its just to hot in there. I doubt its any deficiencies. Only other thing that it looks like is when the plant is not getting enough nutrients, they will cannibalise the fan leaves.

But the high temps is probably the cause.


Thanks for the advice I knew it was the heat

One of the best ways to combat heat issues is add more air flow if you can and if u have a spare inline fan and ducting hook another inline fan up to ur tent to draw in new fresh air this is how i combat heat issues i have two fans in my tent plus i run two inline fans one sucking out hot air and the other one bring in cold air fresh air and u may want to give ur plants some banana tea with molasses i believe that u may have a potassium and a magnesium def banana tea with molasses will cover potassium and magnesium and calcium and phosphorus and iron this should help


Yeah I’ve got 2 i lines one is 450 cfm sucking hot air out the top then a 350 cfm pushing cool air into the bottom a box fan hanging blowing on the led light to cool it down and I have an oscilating fan coming I think I’m just gonna have to pull the trigger and buy an ac unit hydro builder has a 14k btu portable for around 500 with a warranty

Came back to a much happier plant tonight damn I’m stoked I thought she was a goner

I agree with everyone on the heat that’s much too hot but I’m also curious on what PH your soil is I think you have a couple things going on there but the heat is the major one that is covering things up.

I’m also having a couple heat issues that I will correct today by putting an air conditioner in the room as suggested above but I found a neutral water flush and then carefully monitoring your nutrients especially the micronutrients will really help