Rust spots on flowering gorilla glue

Any thoughts on these orange / rust spots? They do not rub off so I think that rules out rust fungus.

Started on one leaf and has now spread. She is a gorilla glue auto in soil, no nutes yet.

Gorilla glue auto
Fox farm happy frog
36 days old
Spider farm sf2000
Temp 68-77
Humidity 48-60

Just damaged from condensation or leaves rubbing


I had it shoved in there with the others. Spent the afternoon organizing and making room. She sits free and clear now.

Tell me about “avid hunter”. What type of hunting do you do? Duck turkey and dove are my favorite v

I’ve killed hundreds of hogs, coastal mule deer, Rocky mountain muleys, whitetail, grouse quail pheasant elketc

Bull elk we got last fall


I used to be a Nationally ranked skeet shooter and consider shotguns to be my first love.

The license plate says it all haha


@Myfriendis410 You need to come to Texas so you can hunt wild hogs from a helicopter. :hugs::hugs::hugs:


My uncle went hunting from a helicopter and said it’s a lot harder than one would think.

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That’s a beautiful bull man

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My buddy shot it. I just had a cow tag. Did learn that a 340 WEATHERBY mag was too much gun haha.

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Most folks where I come from think you can never have too much gun. Guess thats why our state is always at the bottom on anything important. A 340 Weatherby is a nice gun. I dont hunt any more. I like pistils now. Got a Sig, and i like it a LOT!!!

You must be able to get a massive amount of meat from a kill like this I imagine.

They do provide a lot of meat, but not as much as a bull moose. Time to hit the vape and eventually go to sleep. I really like this blueberry.


About 250 pounds.

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Is there a rule of thumb for vegetating ppm? You mentioned to me above 1200 water below 1200 food. I presume this is for the flower stage only.

No. This is soil only. If you were in coco I’d tell you 900 peak in flower and 750 ppm in veg.


Well luckily my soil typically gets me through the vegetative state anyhow

What ever you need to do in the 2nd half we know you can do
If a one-eyed-man on 300mg of morphine a day can do it, I know you can for sure. Did I get some help and advice on the way. Yep- because 99% of the guys/girls that we call have been in our shoes before. They don’t mind helping. And there’s no stupid questions. We smoke drink, vape, and eat marijuana. We get it. Ok Vigor- its time to ROCK THIS FLOWER!!!



I Just watered this Gorilla glue 6 week old lady ppm/ph in 0075/6.3 coming out 1082/6.45

How does that round to you? She is below 1200 so feed her next time?

Also do you filter runoff? I got 1082 then fingered and it went to 880. (Ran through a paper towel)

You can or do one more watering before resuming feeding. There are salts present so the plant is exposed to nutrients.

But that’s your call. You are in better shape now for sure.