Rust never sleeps

About 4th week of flower leaves developing brownish red splotches tomorrow is feeding day is this a deficiency been giving 1/4 feedings of calmag and medi one every other feeding ph has been between 6.3-7.0 thanks everyone :confused:

Try bumping up the cal mag, looks like early calcium deficiency. Also, try to keep the pH (assuming you’re growing in soil) between 6.3-6.8. Above 6.8, you’ll begin to get lockouts. What media are you using?


I agree. Extra emphasis on the large range of ph too.

ff ocean layered with frog didn’t start nutes till 2 mo.veg. Then start flower And at 1/4 dose, always heard ocean is hot it’s just the sky og leaves not the BD leaves

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Yep, they’ll start eating a ton more now. They’ve probably used up what’s in the soil. You will want to test the runoff when you feed to monitor what’s being consumed vs. what you’re feeding, as well as to see what the pH is in the soil, so you know how to adjust for the next feeding.


Thanks all! would you feed full dose of cal mag and nutes per recommended dose?

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Yessir, I’d give them what the maker calls for, or work your way up to that.

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Def use cal mag, especially if you’re using RO/distilled/rain water.