Rust marks on feeder leaves and brown spots on leaves

pics please help noobie first grow :slightly_frowning_face: @PurpNGold74 @Countryboyjvd1971 @NavyVet420 @anon95385719 @boardsbird image|375x500

Let get that basic support info
Ph of water in , how often lighting ect
Strain type auto or photo




Blue dream

Was 24hr the light but now I do 18/6

@Countryboyjvd1971 wouldn’t have anything to do with the colyedons snapping hey?

I dont dont think so
And they dont look that bad
What tyoe of soil are you in
If it has nutrients that can cause issues with young plants

How lond did you have them on 24 hour light?

Week ago I thought the plant be old enough. Now to get nutes no?


I normally dont start feed until i have five set of leaves or the cotyledons yellow
Did you feed them and if so how much ?
Looks like decent soil no time release nutrients :+1: so we willrule that out

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Looks like someone was a little too helpful removing the seed husk :wink:

No was a spider mite issue

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Almost looks like you over watered at one point looking at top picture

And bro member those sticks I showed you I threw two in like says should I take em out

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You dealt with the mites ?
I would right now let them get a little bigger
And i would only do one test plant

There not around no more I have fan blowing on the plant like says keep air flow

Keep a good eye on the plants the are sneaky buggers mites are

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I will damm those sticks dissolved I found half one only hope dosent !@#$ my plant up this is a test plant and mostly has nitro those sticks which shouldn’t hurt no ?? :wink:

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Your in veg so you should be fine
Just ph water
The girls will let you know when they are hungry

Thanks bro I’m super keen about organic growing heard taste way better so why trued sticks only Chems I got is the ph up and down so will see if I got go buy nutes I will look for a good line there good hydro store here there stoners even some old lady now days we’re buying seeds when I was there lol

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I was talking this local grower is it true autos have limited potency because I’m picky and only smoke high grade smoke so I’m wishing I can maybe achieve decent bud but thrive for killer but don’t got right equipment just yet