Rust colored spots

Hello everyone, I hope all are well. It’s coming close to harvest and I noticed some of these spots on 2 of the girls that have been in flower for about 2 weeks now. Besides the spots, everything else seems to be going well. I’m not sure if I should be concerned or what I can do to mitigate this possible problem

Once again I would like to thank everyone in advance for all your help

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Last pic didn’t come out so good. And if anyone remembers this plant was almost destroyed in a storm and I was able to nurture it back to health with a lot of help from you guys

Hi there. It seems to be on a few leaves. have u checked under leaves for bugs?

Yes I have and there is no sign of any bugs

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Then it could be calcium def. Give her some calmag.

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I’ll be doing that tomorrow. I have a local nursery that has a lot of good stuff for us growers. Thanks a lot

Looks like water droplets from watering

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Most of the leaves that are affected are towards the top of the plants, which would not be touched by me watering??