Runtz Muffins from Barneys Farm (28% THC)

A few bucks. Hydro store. Local. Amazons prices are crazy for risers.

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My hydro store doesn’t Cary them… =(


After 8 weeks of vegetation I switched 2 1 600 HPS
and one 400 HPS dial down to total 800 HPS Watts.

It has stretched and is continuing to stretch I am out of room in regards to light raising so I am tying down all new growth to prevent them from getting burnt. So far I am about 2 weeks into flower


As you can see I have supplental UVB lighting
(California Light Works says this 2 foot 24 watt light will cover a 4 by 4 at 3 feet above canopy).

Does anyone know if its best to subject them to the light earlier into flower or only during the emd of flpwer.

Most people ive heard wait till the last 2 weeks of flower.

Do you know why that is? Will i benifit from using it earlier on?

@dbrn32 @dbrn32 @STC_Cultivator @Anyone who knows about UVB lighting lol

There is data that suggests both scenarios. I think depends on intensity of the uv light source. I would expect CLW could provide you with some feedback on how best to use their product.

Hey when updating a grow journal who do i respond to myself? Or the last person on fhe thread?

From the SS-UVB user manual:

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Barneys Farm - Runtz Muffin Grow Journal


2 400 WATT HPS
(lights as high as they can go in 48 x 48 x 80 tent so had to dim them from 600 to prevent burn)

Feeding FF nutes every few days.

Seems to be a very resilient plant. Haven’t had any issues with nutrient deficiencies or overfeeding. I believe the plant is done stretching and considering I did not perform any lower bottom pruning, in fact really no pruning at all, all I have is the top of the plant to go off of.

So far I’ve counted 23 Bud sites that all will eventually form Colas. It’s a 70/30 indica so I’m hoping more of the Indica properties will start kicking in and the buds will fill out instead of shoot up.

Im not sure what the totall harvest weight will be. My guess is around a QP. The other 3/4ths of the plant will go to the hash making collection.

In the future i definitely will be doing more low-stress training and definitely lollipopping.

That would be my recommendation. Although I have not seen them grow in masses, this particular phenotype took on a lot of sativa properties.

At first the buds had almost a had almost a sour pungent smell now I’m noticing more of a citrusy type smell emitting from the flowers.

Should be the best bud ive grown yet. (Quality wise)

I’m also incorporating bits of UVB light to really extend the THC amount but being careful as not to burn the tops. If anybody has any recommendations as far as UVB light goes please let me know.

Pardon the orange tint as I’m running high pressure sodium.


Thank you @Hellraiser

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Did you plant your Runtz Muffin yet? @STC_Cultivator

Just scroll down to bottom and select this

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Thanks for the tag, set to follow :+1:

This jounal

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Thank you ive been doing it all wrong this whole time

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Ive been updating my grow journal the wrong way since starting. If youd like to review the past 2 months from seed to mid flower (if you havnt been notified) here it is… Thank you

Hey brosive, actually dropping a couple tonight now that I have room.

More updates to come

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No big deal. The post will go up either way, just looks like you may have been responding directly to another member or yourself. In which is perfectly fine to talk to yourself, but we will look at you funny if you also start answering yourself haha!


Well im glad you showed me that. Nothing worse than talking to yourself, when in need of help. Lol

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