Runtz is 50/50?

Its in the title. Was curious if some1 can explain how runtz is a 50% indica/ 50% sativa when the cross is between gelato and skittles. Gelato is 55/45 indica dominant, and zkittles is 70/30 indica dominant. That being said how is runtz 50/50. Makes no sense at all.


Would it not be 62.5/37.5 indica dominant?


Stoners aren’t supposed to be good at math lol


The difference in 55 and 70 is 15
The difference in 45 and 30 is 15
That is where the 50/50 comes from


Regardless. It’s a great smoke, and I don’t even smoke much.


Difference is 15 agreed. Look at my numbers thats y went up 7.5 for indica and down for sativa 7.5. Hope that makes sense. The sativa side cant magically increase the wrong way.

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Im stoned!!! Just throwing numbers and it sounded logical!! LMAO As @Fieldofdreams said, too much thought process for stoners!!! I really dont know how they got their numbers.


I see your point. I dont how a decrease can end up an increase!!

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Ive been hunting a new strain to try. With my curiosity and attention to detail, Ive noticed that different seed shops too have different stats like percentages of strength and its indica/sativa. Makes it confusing for someone who pays attention to the details. Just nice to know what you got and its origins.


Look for Acai Kush Gelato. Its one of my favorites.




@moderators any input on this?

None :joy: :seedling: :evergreen_tree: :dash:

I like knowing the parents, and family, are good reputable strains. In Runts’ case it holds true also; Zkittles, from Grapefruit, either GDP or Mendicino Purp is in there too, Skunk I believe but fact-check that. All good smoke

I find this data nearly useless. I’ve had reported indica dominant strains smoke like sativa, sativa smoke like indica, grow like the opposite, and probably everything else in between. Especially when you’re not sure of a specific generation you’re getting. When you’re growing hybrids expect some to be a happy a medium, some to be like both parents or even nothing like either parent and more like a strain introduced earlier in it’s breeding path.


I read somewhere that the cannabis gene pool is so inbred, that it almost impossible to get pure anything nowadays. And that most strains have been crossed with something else before along the way…. And that what were really getting sold is on is the high. Like if I grew a short little stubby plant with wide leaves and it was a very uplifting energetic high. “They” would classify it as sativa dominant. Not really knowing the back story or if it’s even sativa at all? Same could be said if I grew tall skinny leaved large cola plant that gave you immediate couch lock upon smoking. It would be the indica dominant strain? So basically what I’m saying is with hybrids I don’t think they have the genetic makeup of the plants ancestral history. It’s More like “this one makes me feel energized and lazy sometimes” it’s 50/50 or this one gives me more of calming high let’s call it 60/40. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong. Lol

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