Runtz Autoflower + 2 weeks Yellowing, better pics

Plants are just over 2 weeks. Pics 1 & 2 are the same plant with the most yellowing. Cool grow 3’ x 3’ room with KingLED 2,500W. Daytime temps 82, night 68. 19 hours light, 5 off. Gave 1st nutrients today. I think I may have been over watering but? Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Looks like you could water more, and watering in a ring like you did, encourages root growth to branch out. I would increase the frequency of watering and feeding when you can.
Other than that, looks great!


I always lift my plants, when they are thirsty, they are light as a feather, after watering, i lift them. If you water a gallon, thats approximately 8lbs. No runoff makes that plant weigh alot more.

When your plant feels light again, water.

My medium is str8 coco, when dry, its very light. They will drink alot more when flowering starts. My watering should change as temps are on the rise in the south, tx. Hope this helps. My girls at your stage might needed watering every 3 to 4 days summer, winter 4 to 6 days, come flower and it becomes everyday, the plant will tell you by the feel.
Currently, our wedding cake drinks a third more than runtz, but wants to be watered everyday, while runtz is every other day. Both seeded and potted same time.

Fixing to chop a runtz auto.


Runtz auto, str8 coco. Jacks nutes.