Runt auto stopped all growth

This sour diesel auto, 8 wks from germ, has had no growth at all for maybe 2 week. It went south from day 1, but I kept it just to let it try. Finally flowered a few weeks ago, but zero growth of leaves or flowers for 2 wks now. Is it done? Was started in tent, wasn’t doing much, and my 2 photos took it over, so stuck it outside. Seems if 2wks, no movement at all, waste of time and resources at this point. Bad genetics maybe.

It looks like I defoled it to death, but no, it never had anything to defol!

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i have lurked on your posts… in my opinion ( which is worth shit lol) that is the auto that you topped correct? let that thing ride it out. I had a runt that was the best damn eight of smoke i ever had. u just neever know. keep your tric’s up and your roots down… grow on my friend

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She has reached maturity and is now focusing on ripening flower and there will be no further veg growth.

Unfortunately you have to take what you get with autos. Results can vary widely.


Guess I could of posted on my current journal aye? Oh well.

Im saying the buds themselves have stayed like that, zero change, for 2 weeks. Have shrunk if anything. Odd.

Flowers don’t really start fattening up until at least the 4th or 5th week of flowering. Give it time.

With an auto that’s 8+ wks from germ??

Pretty much all cannabis plants go for 8 to 10 weeks.