Runoff ppm or watering ppm

How do I figure out how much my plant needs to eat? Do I check ppm of runoff when feeding or check ppm when watering? Then how do I calculate or adjust?

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It depends on what stage of growth your plant is in. If you’re using nutrients that line should have a feed schedule and should be able to give you the approximate PPM you’re putting in.

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Okay but that doesn’t help me. I need to know how to measure ppm and calculate how much my plant needs. I have ppm meter, I measure the water with nutrients before feeding ( usually at 900), I take measurment from runoff of the nutrient solution (at 900), I’ll wait 2 days then water (using plain ph water) and I’ll measure the ppm of that runoff (at 650. So my question is based off of this info how do I know how much to feed next time (in 2 days)

The age of your plant determines what ppm it should get.

Feed the same 900 you did before. I feed every time.

My plant just entered flower, so feed 900 ppm Iike I have? And feed every watering?

And Is the ppm listed on the charts for runoff or nutrient solution your feeding the plant

I’m just guessing with out pictures, if you could post one, it would be helpful.
When I’m the 2nd to 3rd week of flowering you’ll want the heaviest feedings. Sometimes (plant pending) up to 1500 PPM.

Some nutrient lines have the approximate numbers. Some don’t.
I use Jacks Nutirents, (3-2-1 recipe) and I’ve chosen to use flower boosters for the 2nd and 3rd week of flowering.

What nutrients are you using? They should have a feed schedule online somewhere.

I’m using general hydroponics flora series, b-52, voodoo juice, cal/mag, and I have koolbloom enhancer that I haven’t started yet. I’m one week in flowering.

I transplanted to a 5 gal pot with added fox farms happy frog soil. The new soil itself has nutes in it. I fed today at 900 ppm and the runoff was 2780ppm. I think that should be plenty for her right now right?

Yes. Excellent.

Don’t be too concerned with the run off numbers in FFOF.

So just worry about what I put in till the runoff numbers are say below 1000?

Just measure what’s going in, you can check ph still, just don’t be alarmed when you see high numbers. FFOF has a lot of nutrients in the soil.

Great! Would it hurt if I keep using the additives like b-52 and voodoo juice or should I keep doing that.

It shouldn’t, as long the plants don’t have nutrient burn.

Okay thank you