Runoff issues when feeding

Ok guys I’m in week 6 of my gsc auto. I’m using ff happy frog soil with ilgm nutes . I fed my plant last night and ran the runoff numbers . Ph was about 5.5 and the ppm was somewhere around 2200. I’m assuming I need to flush her and get my numbers back on track . Can someone give me an explanation as of how onto do this ?

Are your girls showing any signs of problems. PH is the main concern if your girls aren’t showing any burn or deficiencies.

If your ph reading stays that low you could end up with nutrient lockout

No there isn’t any burn or anything but my runoff ppm shouldn’t be higher than what I feed with right? And they were growing at an exceptional rate but not so much now

The first pic is from just now , and the other one was from last night. What would be the best way to bring my ph up in my soil ? Lime ?

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Being in soil your ppm’s can be higher than what you are feeding. If you were in coco your runoff would be the same as what you put in. As far ph, some people will top dress, I don’t so I can’t give specific recommendations on what to use. Your girls are looking good. There’s a couple of things you can do. First you could do a slurry test to get a more accurate reading. You can also on next watering just flush a couple of properly PHed gallons of water through and then water with nutrients immediately afterwards. I don’t believe that you should get to alarmed yet, mainly because your girls aren’t showing serious issues.

Ok thankyou