Running out of space


I have my two plants doing great in my 32”x32”x60” tent. I’m running a 600w HPS with LOTS of ventilation to keep the temps in line. My WW are in week 3 of flower. One went wide and fat. One stretched A LOT and the main cola is about 12” from the light. It is not burnt TODAY. Is there a trick that you guys know to reduce the intensity and allow it to keep growing ? For grapes, they use a black mesh fabric to keep them from burning in the sun. @dbrn32 @blackthumbbetty @Sixpackdad @Myfriendis410


Interesting idea… Usually indoors we just raise the light or reduce intensity if you have the ability to :v::bear:


Light is at the top of the tent.


Week 3 of flower the plant has probably hardened off. If you can’t move light, You can gently try to direct that cola away from light a little. Just be careful not to overdo it and break stem.


Bend it a little each day to get it to 90 degrees from the light ? I can probably do that with pipe cleaners . At 12” away, it’s not showing any distress from the heat.


If it’s not showing any stress and has hardened off, you might have it in the sweet spot. I still would try to gently tie them off like suggested too tho. Better to be able to lower the lights if required than the other way around :v::bear:


Tomorrow night when they wake up, I will start to bend them a little bit. As a first grow, I didn’t do anything but get them to grow. Fortunately, one plant decided on it’s own to be short and wide. I didn’t do anything to it, either.

Thanks for your help. I will keep you posted on the progress. I will post pics tomorrow.


I don’t know that you’ll get it 90 degrees to the light. Just see what you can do.


Ok. Thank you for the help.


What they said.


Thought I’d get a few pipe cleaners from Amazon. Well, for $4 you get A LOT OF THEM. I got about 300 multi-colored pipe cleaners. Pulled my main cola over away from the 600w light. I noticed a little curling on the new top leaves. I will watch over then next day or two to see if they flatten out. Appreciate all the help………


Bent the top cola away from the light as recommended. Worked out fine. Thought I would show what week #7 in flower looks like. I’m pretty excited about how it is growing. Is that a crazy amount of leaves on my second plant?
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Some strains are leafier than others, but yeah, there’s a lot of foliage on plant #2


That’s great news! On the second plant, she’s very leafy. You can probably trim a few of the fans away to expose those colas some.


Ok, I’ll do that. There are a lot of colas that are hidden near the center of the plant. I’ll post up the changes in a week. Thank you.


Just take a few randomly at a time. Then give plant day or two to recover and repeat.


Ok. I just fed them tonight. I’ll trim a couple tomorrow night and see how things go.