Running 2 flower tents with 2 separate issues

Hey what’s growing on everyone. I hope your all staying healthy and safe during this time. I have been growing indoors for about a year maybe now. I’ve had success with my grows but where my grow is lacking I am having heat issues in one tent and whitch is a 4x4 gorilla grow with a growcraft x600 light on 3/4 power with 2 plants on there on flower at different ages I have a 6 inch ac infinite running full blast my humidity is 42% but when the lights on it gets in the high 80s since the summer. . The other is a 5x5x5 Vivosun tent with a hlg550 Rspec with 9 percent lasts from
Clone in there. temp is good 78-80 but humidity is a problem it’s in my basement and the tent is sitting around 70%rh in beginning of flower. Not good. I have a 4 inch ac infinite in that tent. Looking for a solution to this problem. I’m contemplating a 8 inch ac infinity in the gorill grow and combine the 6 with the 4 in the basement and run 2 exhaust on the 5x5 not sure yet what’s my best option maybe a dehumidifier in the downstairs tent and ac upstairs idk. Help please fam


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Great growing! I fight high RH%, in the research I have done, it’s more effective to bring down the rooms RH rather than the tent.

I read a lot threads on here, that said putting a dehumidifier in the tent, didn’t work.

Lots of DIY things you can do as well, like rock salts…

Good luck, Happy growing!

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Hi there @123Rosie
That looks like an effective set up when it’s all balanced. It sounds like you really need to separate your issues
You mention that your RH is 42% - are you saying that your RH spikes to high 80s% or is 'high 80s the temperature? Just trying to establish night and day in the tent - and the room which contains the tent - again RH and temps.
Do you have a supply air fan in that tent?
Where does your exhaust discharge to?
Basements are often a challenge with moisture. Can you get your tent off the floor? As it is a 4x4 it would be too big for a pallet - maybe high density foam mat or styrofoam. Basically insulate the floor of the tent from the floor or slab.
Sounds like you will need a larger exhaust fan - make sure you can discharge out of the basement. You need good clean air change.

I hope that helps!

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Sorry about that no the issues are separate upstairs is a heat thing and towards the end of flower it’s a humidity thing which is due to high heat in the summer. The humidity thing is downstairs the rh is 72% most of the time and spikes in 80s at night. It’s a full unfinished basement.

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When the upstairs is working Wel I am about to get half ounces easy 2 at a time. Not bad but I need to work on the humidity and temps I am at a critical stage lol.

Lol half ouncers. Hahaha imagine I typed pounders o thought but autocorrect strikes again.

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What’s everyone’s stance on air purifiers that kill mold and mildew what not.

I’ve read the same but I watch a lot of
Grow Chanel’s on YouTube and several very successful tent growers use closed systems with portable air conditioning rugged to work with the tent I’m just worried about electrical overload to be honest. If I what I have to do add more electrical??