Run off verification

How much run off should I be getting per feed? Someone told me to water until I get 20-30% run off, which seems excessive to me considering the loss of nutes. I don’t want to FLUSH these girls after all. Can someone give me a verification on that? What percent run off am I looking for?

F.Y.I. My run off PH is stellar.

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Probably depends what medium you’re growing in.
Like, I’m growing organically in 15 gal smart pots, and only water 15-20% of the container volume depending on ambient temps.

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For living soil you want no runoff. Just a consistently damp soil.
For synthetic bottle feeding you should aim for 10-15% runoff. This clears some accumulated salts each time, as well as ensuring your soil is well saturated.


I grow in living soil; my ticket is below. Just to be clear: are you saying I should have NO run-off in living soil? Is there no danger of salt build up at the roots in that case? How do you test run off PH with no runoff?

Here’s my ticket:
STRAIN: Blue Dream
MEDIUM: Super soil = FFOF, Neem, hydrocorn, kelp, superchar, worm castings
TOP DRESSING: Nature’s Pride veg/ Nature’s Pride Bloom
TEA: ½ cup Boogie Brew Base + ½ cup Boogie Boost
WATER: 1 tbs Liquid Seaweed/gal + 5 ml Blackstrap Molasses/gal
POTTING: 5 gal. “smart pots”
PH: 6.0
Run off PH: 5.8
LIGHTING: Originated in 2X2 tent with 125 W CFL Agrobrite 18/6 cycle. Moved to SF 4000 LED 5X5 with exhaust and oscillating fan 18/6 cycle
TEMP: 73-80 degrees
HUMIDITY: 45-60 %

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Do you have any run off?

When I plan on watering a full two gallons, I’ll give each a gallon, then do a second round. I do water slowly and will get a few drops coming out of the bottom. Nothing measurable.


Correct. Just keep soil healthily moist. Do NOT let it dry out.

No, because with living soil/soil food web, you are not adding salt based fertilizers. You’re providing food for the bacteria and fungi which in turn feed the plant. This of course means you have to be very careful about anything you add. It’s easy to kill off or put to sleep your microbial biome.

It’s not as important when you just let Mother Nature do her thing. But a slurry test is very easy and will provide a good insight.

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I’d echo what @Drinkslinger posted. From what I’ve learned from the grow gurus on here, organic soil (living soil), the ph is regulated by the healthy, good bacteria. Feed the soil, not the plant. Use organic plant foods, worm casting tea, etc

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Yea I know! One of the first early mistakes I made was using non filtered water. I was putting chlorine in there! Since then, I got a Boogie Brew hose filter. I had to apologize to my ladies and I guess I should apologize to the microbes too.

Thanks for the salt advice! It’s my first time organic and it’s working out SO well but I’m getting wildly differing advice on run-off. This clears it up for me a lot.

Do you top dressings? I use a top dressing and water with kelp.


I too dress a few times. Kelp, alfalfa, malted barley. Also started using a cover crop.

Hey my friend I’m growing blue dream
Also in my organic soil I mixed myself Started 6/10 got any pictures. I would greatly appreciate any info on BD
My first grow.

There’s 2 critical purple in that mix also. I mess up planting auto and photo at same time. Did not no there were two types.

The soil I’m using doesn’t require a top dress for veg. Three weeks before the sun hits 13.5 length I’ll do a dose of:

For flowering boost.
However, I do make a worm casting, big 6, molasses tea that I drench soil with every other week.

Almost ready to flower.

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There looking good. Did you grow BD before ? If so how tall of a plant is she ? How long you have them in Veg? Did you too the Girls. ? Did you flip the lights yet?

That langbeinite has sulfur. If your growing organically with loving soil does that kill off the microbes? I’m new to this but I find organically growing seems a little easier but I tend to make things difficult. I make compost teas and 1 of the ingredients is molasses but it says to use un sulfured molasses?? What’s your understanding on this ?

This is the soil mix I came up with. I don’t know if it falls into Super Soil category (certainly not living soil) but it works for me.

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II grow indoors so I probably have a different environment than you. I use seabird guano for bloom.

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I have never put Dolomite in my soil before. Your soil recipe looks very much like mine except for that.

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VERY tall. I JUST flipped the lights to a 12/12 cycle. They were in veg for about 70 days and got to be about 18 inches high. Last week they started showing some white pistils, which I showed in the pic above. They grew and then bushed out and then started growing taller again. I could have let them veg longer but they got too tall. I expect them to double in height once the flowering starts so they are going to be some TALL ass ladies.

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I was wondering the same thing about the langbeinite . . . I don’t use it. I DO make a compost tea with molasses in it. Regular Blackstrap molasses that you find in the store is unsulphured (it will say so right on the front of the bottle).


The molasses increases microbe activity bc it feeds them sugars, which also goes into the soil. VERY good stuff. I’m also new to this BTW but growing organically is THE WAY to go. My buddies who use bottled nutes tell me what I’m doing is too complex for them but that’s what I think about their nutes. If you make a good soil, mother nature will take over.

You can also re-use the soil after harvest and it is a much richer blend so the next harvest will be even better.

What do you put in your compost?