Run off PH numbers are low at 5.5

The water I’m feeding my plants with and I’ve been regulating the PH to 6.5 going in. I tested the runoff today and the PH read 5.5. I believe I wasn’t giving my crop enough bites, but in the last week I have stepped up my adding bites with Fox Farm Big Bud. Should this run off number increase as I continues to add this correct amount of nutrients?

Read (nutes) not (bites) ! Stupid spell correct! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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What soil are you using, how old is the plant, and how much and how for long have you been feeding it?

I mixed manure/compost with Mirical Grow soil. I didn’t know about all the better options when I started. The seeds are Big Daddy Purple and they have been growing outdoor since May 15 - 30 (I staggered them as they sprouted. I was mixing fish emulsion fertilizer in on every other watering, but possibly not adding enough. The plants are all displaying female hairs in clusters snd the older girls are packing on the buds in clusters.

I just want to make sure I’m on top of this ph level. I can adjust the input, but how to I raise the run off?

I expect this is the problem. We see a steady stream of growers with problems in MG.

MG submarines your pH every time you water, and with the time release nutes you are going to struggle to get the pH back up.

It sounds like the plant is pretty mature so a transplant is probably out of the question. A flush makes no sense with time release nutes. A pH Up product may help, but let’s see what other may have to say too.


How’s the plant look? If the plant looks OK, I wouldn’t do anything except scratch MG off my shopping list. Maybe (just maybe) raise the ph of the water going in?


The tap water here is coming in at 7,6. My dehumidifier kicks out water around 7.3 ph, it’s only good for 1/2 gallon a day. If I let the tap water sit a couple days would it be a good option at 7.5 to bring up the ph?

Fan leaves have been yellowing and I discard them. At the his stage, 13 weeks, I hear that’s normal. I can’t reach the tops of these plants and they’re showing budding all over the places. They look pretty healthy. Im wondering since I just started with the Fox Farm nutrients last week if possibly that ph level will correct now with constant nutrients every other watering. I’ve been adding CalMag on water days the last three watering too.

Are you typically using the dehumidifier water? If you can check PPM you’ll likely find out its VERY low which makes it almost impossible for that water to hold PH. If you’re adding PH down to that it may be the root of your problem.

Very low PPM water (Reverse Osmosis, distilled, from dehumidifier, etc…) will take on the PH of the soil as opposed to raising or lowering despite the initial reading you may get. If you are PH’ing that its probably taking a decent amount of PH down? Which is then going in the soil…

You CAN PH that water once you added nutrients or something like CalMag which will raise the PPM and allow it to hold PH.

Given everything you said above I’d probably suggest the de chlorinated tap water and see where that gets you.