Rules of Thumb by and From Marijuana Growers and Friends


Good morning to all! I would like to start a list of ‘Rules of Thumb’ for MJ Growers, something I have been kicking around for a while, and would like to make a book of them, and, I couldn’t find a better group to spring it on.

“A rule of thumb is a homemade recipe for making a guess, a mental tool that takes information you already have, and turns it into information you need.” Where do rules of thumb come from? People. However, they are never written down, and I want to do just that.

Please feel free to add your very own rule of thumb, don’t worry if someone else says the same thing, that’s even better. One thing I do ask is to try to not clutter up the pages too much so I won’t have to wade through those. So grab those thoughts and here is the place to get it all together for the growers of the future!

Thank you all in advance, this just might take off. I got the idea from the book “Never Trust A Calm Dog” by Tom Parker.

My rule of thumb is:
When pruning your plant of old leaves keep your nippers closed until you are sure you have the right leaf!

Rule of thumb: That beautiful, fast growing, healthy adolescent plant will in veritably be a male!


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There’s a thread already that @SmoknGranny started. Maybe she has a link.


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Check your ph!


Don’t give up on the runt. The life force is strong.


@Myfriendis410 Thanks, I didn’t know, but I wouldn’t want to take her stuff for my use if it comes to fruition.


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Sorry but it wasn’t me. But I do vaguely remember reading a topic that was similar over the last few months. You can’t expect an old Granny to remember much :rofl:


Keep a first aid kit for self & girls. Honey, bandaids, string, sisccors, ect


Sterilize hands and tools before working with the girls.

Patience is key. Better get you some…


Don’t be afraid of flushing.


Invest in a good pH meter, it might prevent a disastrous grow.


Keep reading and asking questions. I learn something almost every day. :grin:


The term rule of thumb comes from when you used to beat your wife with a switch, as long as it isn’t bigger than your thumb. Hence, rule of thumb. Just thought I’d share that bit of information


@HornHead Welcome and thanks that’s a great one. I vaguely remember hearing that.


Always… wait, no… I mean never… dammit, I forgot.


MJ is a lot stronger than most people think…after all it is a weed…and will with stand most mistakes…patience is the key, if something happens slow down and fix as best you can and wait the plant will surprise you…


Never say “uh oh”