Rugar's World: Operation Adoption Services

Good job @Rugar89… How are your plants looking?.. I’m interested in how your plants do… I juts had my sledgehammer delivered but I haven’t used nutes yet

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The only way I could get away doing it this way is because of the fabric pots. I will never grow in anything else!


Oh yeah, you ran a bunch of water thru those babies…

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There looking alright, but have looked better. I let them get a little to dry last week and ended up with a few dried leaves.
Was going to snap some photos while I was out there then it started raining. Will get some tomorrow.

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The last time I did that is when they bounced back and looked their best.

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I’m sure they will be fine, you washed/flushed the soil… And like you said may have to add in some more nutes next week… This MJ growing is a tricky hobby at times @Rugar89

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The twins just cant seem to get a break!

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Im following the other topic. That sucks.

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FFOF? Thank you

Have you tried Diatomaseous Earth (DE)?

Do you have a co-op? I think you might find some in the pool section at WalMart, also. If all else fails there’s Dollar General they carry a potting soil w it in it.

Please read the thread in the link above.

I was thinking that spider mites were the worst calamity awhile back. But change of mind. Bud rot, because there’s nothing you can do. Cut it out, throw it away, hope it doesn’t spread.

How does the bud rot relate to the caterpillars? Do the caterpillars cause the bud rot?

I read somewhere that you should manually shake buds in the morning after dew to dry buds. Maybe get a blow drier involved?

The other possibility? Cut losses and harvest early before further spread.

Sorry, man. I’m having nightmares now about this shit. Who’s next? (This is for @Manny_FTGUTube and @Trav, too.)


We all have the same thing in common.
Were all from SoCal (including a friend of @Trav that he mentioned in the other thread with the same problem)
We all have been infested by Caterpillars that were seen on the same day.
We all have bud rot.
It rained in SoCal the day we all seen this happening.

My guess is that the caterpillars have been eating away at the buds from the inside out so we never knew we had a problem, or ever seen them. Then it rained here really hard on Thurs. or Fri. and being 100deg + for two weeks again. And then it rained again on Saturday. This started the bud rot from the damaged hollowed out centers of the buds. What I saw on Sat. as a little bit of black on the buds, and thought was worm poop, was the bud rot coming out from the inside of the buds and forcing the caterpillars out with it.

This is my theory, and all I can think of that happened to all of us.
Was really looking forward to growing some monster plants outside next year like @Manny_FTGUTube grow. Not sure that I even want to try now. Just so disappointed for the twins. Makes me sick to my stomach!


I’m sick to my stomach for you @Rugar89

Just the hit my 8 Ball took from over feeding it made me feel sick so I cannot even imagine.


Stick with it. Cut WAY back, and start spraying with BT. You might end with little but a morale victory and a small stash! But the ladies are trying!

So Elizabeth was completely harvested and bare. Here’s her re-growth so far:

They try for you! Hang in.


Well my monster luckily doesn’t have anything on it for now except for my savior which is a BIG praying mantis hopefully taking care of everything! I definitely feel your pain though my brother :disappointed:


Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be this hard…


New Journal Started.

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