Rugar's World: 2017/2018 Winter Grow


I wouldn’t really call it a sweet taste. And they don’t really taste like Blueberry to me. But to many years of smoking cigs has probably ruined my taste buds. But I can say that the longer it cures the smoother the smoke gets, and the better the high.


As @AnneBonny said, its has to do with getting the temps down on the latter part of the grow for the color change. I battled high temps for most of my grow. But they did have a slight blueish tint from day one under the lights, although it really didn’t show up in the photos.


11/26/17 Two Weeks Old
Transplant Day
Chocolope has 4 nodes with the 5th just starting.
BBA has 5 nodes with the 6th just starting.
Getting ready to transplant the Chocolope into a 2 gallon fabric pot with FFOF, and eventually to a 5 gallon fabric pot and under a SCROG net.
The BBA is going to a 5 gallon fabric pot with FFOF that will be going outside in another week or two.


Top view of BBA


I bet they take right off after X-planting them. The BB looks great @Rugar89

Also, I find the same strain can taste different to me at diff times of day, through diff smoking devices and after 40+ years of primarily bong use, there is a “sweet spot” in a bongs water. Brand new is nice but there is a place where after a number of bongs, the water almost lets the terps and flavors of a strain come through better.

I’m prob a “snob” but bongs always taste better to me than doobs, and I only ever truly taste the first hit on a pipe. Vaping, does not compare but I don’t currently have a decent flower vape.


Chocolope two week root growth in solo cup.
And into 2 gallon fabric pot with FFOF.


BBA into 5 gallon fabric pot with FFOF.


Chocolope on the left.
BBA on the right.


The taste is defiantly different depending on how you smoke it. I always prefer a bong.
I smoked some BB from a joint on Thanksgiving, and was finally able to taste the BB flavor a little. I think its finally ageing enough to let the flavor come through.
I still get ripped from it no matter how I smoke it! :smirk:


Tag me sir! I will follow! :slight_smile:


Please tag me so i can follow this. Planning on Chocolope as an outdoor strain this spring.


Hey @Rugar89 you haven’t posted in a while… I hope all is well & that you can post some pics… Our girls are about the same age & I’d like to compare. These are my 2 BBAs…




@Rugar89 not sure what happened to my last pic but here you go… these are 16 & 17 days old…



@monstre @Familyman420 @jusgettinby

Will try to post a update tonight.


12/17/17 5 week old update BBA
Haven’t posted in awhile.
BBA has been outdoors for a week now enjoying the SoCal Winter Sunshine.
Going against all the rules, she was topped two weeks ago after growing her 6th node, and fed FF nutes.
PH in was 6.5, PH out was 6.4
PPM in was 2070, PPM out was 3000
Watered again last Thursday with straight water.
PH in 370, PH out 2410
Planted in a 5 gallon fabric pot with FFOF.
8 hours of direct sunlight with 0 signs of nute burn.
Day time Temps low to mid 80s.
Night time temps low to mid 40s.

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Blueberry Auto


12/17/17 5 week old update Chocolope
Poor Chocolope has been used and abused for two weeks now.
Transplanted into 5 gallon fabric pot with FFOF soil two weeks ago and FIMMED.
Every main branch on her has been super cropped.
She also got FIMMED for a second time last night.
Been waiting for PPMs to get lower before starting Nectar For The Gods nutes, but on Thursday decided to add them anyway.
PH in 6.3 PH out 6.3
PPM in 1000 PPM out 3500
0 signs of any nute burn.
She is still on the short side from all the super cropping and FIMMING, but is SUPER bushy and green!
I will let her recover for a full week this time and then top her next weekend before letting her grow into the SCROG net I built last week. Im in no hurry with her at all, and just striving to get all I can with her to fully fill in the net.

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I can hardly wait to drop my Chocoloupe seeds but I have 2 clones that are a few weeks away from being flipped. When they’re done, THEN I can start my ILGM seeds :green_heart:


Looking good so far. Thanks for the report on the NFG line. I’m still skeptical, but it looks like it’s doing great still. @Rugar89