Rudimentary extraction, Agitate or Not?

I have access to lab testing($75 per sample)
so I’m going to try this experiment.

2 samples of RSO made exactly the same with the only variable being to Agitate or Not?

105 grams per test sample placed in 64 Oz ball jars. 230 plus grams of bud were striped of stems by hand, placed in vita mix blender, then pulse blended on low until a grinder texture was achieved.

After final stem removal 210 grams remained.

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This was split up into 105 gram sample jars and prepared for the freezer.


Both jars and 5 bottles of 96% alcohol placed in National Luna freezer:


Freezer T stat is maxed at -24 Celsius. I suspect that the actual temp inside will be close to -30 Celsius. I have a 3rd party thermometer inside but it’s maxed at -20. So I’ll check with my infrared. It’s been on for 3 hours.

-40 is where is doesn’t mater how you measure your temps, everybody’s thermometer reads -40.

-22 ATM


How long do you have to wait for the result? I heard too much agitate is not good, but It would be interesting to know if agitate makes difference and if so, how much,

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Kick ass freezer man, I get more from shaking for 3 to 5 minutes in a paint shaker I keep the everclear and the bud in the freezer over night and then make my rso oil. Very curious about the results you get thanks for doing this



I will test the freezer this evening for proper temps and probably make the oil this weekend. Testing takes 1-2 days.

I am debating on exact extraction time. At this point I have decided on 15 minutes unless someone has a reason it should be shorter.

All input is welcome.

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The only critique I have is I was advised to not grind as it releases more chlorophyll.


@Myfriendis410 Too late to do anything about that!

So, what do you suggest for breaking down the herb, full nugs and let the alcohol take care of it?

I guess I could process an additional 200 grams to try the other way if you have a suggestion…


So, freezer showed -22, but my infrared says -24.

I’ll check back tonight.


Might be a case for another test at some point. I was directed to just loosely break the flower off the stem and hand break it. That way no (or less) plant material is disturbed. I don’t know as I’ve only done it a couple of times.


Maybe so. I need to be careful as each on of these tests cost me $150! (control group $75, Experimental group $75).

I’ll leave as is, maybe next round.


When i do big batches i use the coffee bean grinder and press the button just enough to where it’s a little chunky and broken up otherwise it seems to take forever before I used the paint shaker i did 45min to 2hr soak people always say you degrading the tch but I’m like it’s not Mexican brick weed so i don’t care. I get really great hash from the coffee filters too. Hell you know what you’re doing awesome work great job


Thanks. We will see how this experiment works and go from there!


I’d say if your worried about cholyphyll lay the grinded bud out on a sheet of news paper over night let it ear out all the green on it’s own then re freeze?

Are doing to do a qewt run to like a 10 second wash and compare those results as well I bet those concentrations of thc are higher but your agitated will be higher in the very thing else qwet is more for trics only rso is full spectrum meds no?


RSO is full spectrum.

I’m trying to do testS that include only one variable between control and experiment groups, so let’s see how this works out.

As mentioned, each time I want to test a theory it costs me $150!


So agitated non agitated and what’s the controll and how long is the soak for

I will agitate 100 grams for 15 minutes. That is my traditional method, so I’m calling that the control.

The other 100 grams will be soaked for 15 minutes in the freezer, that will be the experiment.

Looking for a better quality oil. The theory is that agitation is not only extracting cannabinoids but also inert plant wax and resin. So if it’s better quality, then the question is how much cannabinoids did I sacrifice.


And that’s just the cost for lab testing, not including your buds, your alcohol, your labor, lol! You’re thorough, man!