RSO - The Beginning


I am going to try and make RSO.

Just de-carb’ed this.:

I will update with weights.
It will then go into 200 proof Ethanol and stew for 21 days.

I will order a Source Turbo, buchner funnel, a 1000ml flask and the appropriate filters.

Is there anything else I will need or should get?

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are you doing in crock pot or rice making?

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Oh ok. i see, you going to let it seep for 3 weeks. ok.

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3oz of dope to 2 cups of Ethanol.

Here is 3oz dry in a quart mason jar. Its a tight pack, but it fits.

Here it is with the 2 cups of Ethanol.

You gotta shake it for a minute or 2… but it breaks down nicely.

I have 5 more jars of dry. 15oz

For posterity: there was 19oz (1.19lbs) in those 2 lasagna pans.


Good job. :+1:


Every couple of weeks i make a new batch. We use it for everything we make. So easy to dose using this.

My wife uses pot for a truly medicinal purpose. She has been extremely ill for over 2 years. She hates smoking it, so I make the Green Dragon Tincture for her. However, the Ethanol in it makes it unpleasant. She mixes it with a frozen smoothie like drink.

I want to use the Source Turbo to make the RSO.

After the oil is made, can it be mixed with MCT oil? I imagine that Sunflower lecithin would be required.

I cook the alcohol off with a crockpot I use like a double boiler you want to keep the temp between 170 and 185 when most of the alcohol is gone I Wisk in the MCT

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I measure the tar into mct oil and whatever flavoring lately its green apple. And put this in levo2 for an hour then fill 1oz dropper bottles. Everyone likes it. For me it works out to about 50mg per dropper full.

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2 quarts.

Looks purple to black unless it’s shallow, then its super green.

Light will not go through these jugs.

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