RS11 Grow - 1st Gen

Got some RS11 clones from a buddy.
Day 1 in the tent, leaves have a purple hue to them so I’m excited to see how this grow turns out. Transplanted into dirt today and a few hours in transit so they look a little tired.

I’ve yet to smoke this strain, you can get it around here but it’s stupid expensive so I guess I’ll be waiting a few months to try it😁

From Doja/wizard trees we’ll see how mine turns out…


@dbrn32 and others who may know…
If I could ask, 1st time with clones, what should I run my 260R at with these?
400ppfd? 500? Not sure how much intensity these clones are going to want.

Light is 30" away from the tops for now. Thanx

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No answers for your light question, but that’s a great looking bud, and I’m along to follow.

Good luck, and Happy Growing!

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It is and I’m pretty sure my finished product won’t be to that caliber but I’m going to try :wink:

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Are they already rooted? I treat mine like seedlings while rooting. If they’re already rooted just start increasing to about 400 ppfd to harden them off and then stay there for veg.

I would think are rooted, friend said they were in rooting plugs (of some sort) and were just put into dirt that day (yesterday).
Ok, ~300 now and will get to 400 over the next couple days.

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Quick update, so far so good. Been feeding CalMag only and transplanted on the 21st. Need to pull 2 out of the tent at some point and hand them off to a neighbor.

Giving the boot to 2 of the 6 today. Back left corner has more space between the nodes, stretched out more than the others and that one was kind of the first to start vertical growth.

Kind of want to swap a small pot plant (with spacing like the rest of them) into the 7g bag but the one I’m pulling probably won’t like being extracted from it’s home at this point.
(Or top it?)

Or I can take time and go to the hydro store and grab another bag, probably what I should do but don’t want to lol

If anyone’s wondering, re-calibrating the room switchbot meter to the tent meter which has been calibrated recently. Normally there is 1 meter in the tent, I’m not that OCD about environment :joy:

Well, that didn’t take long for impulsiveness to kick in lol.
Swapped out these two, the one that went from 7g to 1g pot is almost as tall as the rest with nothing under it.

Topped today, friend threw the 2 that got eliminated in his veg tent.

I’ve had them in 18hrs of light from the start, it looks like it had started to flower then cloned. Little hairs had started. A week or so in the tent and growth got funky like reveg but the hairs are still going. Not sure if it hasn’t gone completely back to veg yet or what but guess I’ll see what comes.

Those look like she’s just stating that she’s female. She’s still in full veg mode.

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Good news. Was hoping the plant wasn’t trying to flower before I get the height I want.

They won’t. You can keep a photo in veg indefinitely. That’s what people do with clone mothers. They won’t flower until they start getting ~12 hours of darkness each night, so that they think it is fall.

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Used to growing from seed, 1st clone grow. Wasn’t sure if they were in veg when cloned or transitioning to flower. Seems in veg the whole time, makes sense keeping mom in veg… so these would be too.

It doesn’t really matter when you take the clone. If you take a cutting during flower, and put it on 18+ hours of light, it will simply re-veg. I keep my clone mothers trimmed way back, and when I need a cutting, stop trimming till I get the size I want, and root it. Here’s what one of my mothers looks like:

It’s in a square 6" pot.
Check out this thread by the master.


Oh, and by the way, your plants look great!

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I’ve perused through there, need to spend more time in the thread.
Pretty sure my buddy is going to keep a mother of this one so I’ll probably be hitting him up for another tent full in a few months :grin:

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I am about 3 weeks from transplant into FFHF and have only been giving CalMag so far but started CalMag + 4ml of Canna Vega and 2ml of cannazym today. Leaves look like they are getting hungry.

Canopy is pretty level, had to tie one plants mains down to match the rest. Probably another foot and then flip to 12/12.

Canopy has filled out to the walls and height seems about right to flip 12/12 for a hybrid plant so today marks the flip to flower light schedule.

Not sure if this is just the color coming in early or a phosphorus issue in veg? Back right plant, this leaf was the most noticable but just a hair coming in on other fan tips too.
PH in is 6.35, out is 6.15 and 1600 ppm so I’m going to try a 6.8 pH mini flush with 3 gal (usual amount is 1) and see how that goes.

@Covertgrower @Hellraiser @Oldguy @BobbyDigital @kellydans

So last grow was in 3g bags, thought I could get a little more fullness from 5g so that’s what they’re in.

Now the canopy is so full they are overlapping each other and not sure the best plan to get through this with all 4 still in the tent.