RQS seeds, 3x autoflowers, first grow attempt

Hi there,

Just wanted to share from my first grow. The first one is green gelato. I had no idea about nutrient feeding, watering schedules etc. It started showing deficiencies early on but I supplemented with call mag, alg-a-mic. I made a rookie mistake and stoped feeding it nitrogen when it switched to flowering. Seeing some buds now.


Tbh, once my indoor autos hit bloom, I stop nitrogen.
The leaf issues you’re seeing aren’t from lack of N; N deficiencies start low and involve your leaves turning pale yellow/white.

Congrats on your first grow!


Thanks! And you’re right, they did initially start low. I just removed a bunch of dying ones. There were a lot of learnings from this plant. I messed up the soil too! Weird pre fertilized super acidic compost shit :frowning: I still don’t know what the best way to go about switching to bloom nutes tbh, learning all the time. I’m using the biobizz line and they explicitly suggest to continue the N fert along with the bloom one. As a nice experiment I have two other auto following along this one. They’re getting a much consistent feeding and they look pretty stoked.

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This is the NL auto. I think someone’s giving it steroids while I’m not looking.

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And this one’s the royal critical auto. 3 weeks in.

4 weeks and 4 days in!

That top burn is not N deficiency. At all.

Experiments are fun.

:man_shrugging: sure, could be a bunch of reasons, at some point it was showing calmag deficiencies, at another stage I got those red stems, not genetic, dark blotches, phosphorus related apparently. And then there was the N deficiency…no idea what specific reason is causing the current yellowing/burning. But I’m not too concerned at all. Tough plants these…


NL started flowering too:

Hi @blackthumbbetty, would you recommend stopping N nutes for the younger blooming autos at this point? Using only bloom + call mag etc? Both are flowering, the bottom one is in its 6th week, and the one on the right popped out 5 weeks ago.

Hi @SKORPION, would it be ok if I tagged you here as well to ask questions for this grow?

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I, personally, stop using Nitrogen once they’re fully transitioned to bloom.

Oh ok, is that when you can see the buds forming or when the pistils start showing up?

The NL is soaking up 2L of water daily it seems almost. The royal critical dries up in 2ish days…

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@SKORPION hi there, I wanted to ask about the feeding schedule. I’m using the biobizz line, grow, bloom and alg-a-mic with calmag.

Soil: biobizz allmix
Pot: fabric, 20L

Biobizz recommend watering every 2 3 days, always with nutes. The bigger auto is getting dry after a day now. I’m watering with a 2L solution.

Should I up the watering because it’s getting dry or should I stick to the schedule that seems to be working fine now?

Yes you will have to adjust to your plants needs.

If you water more than you add nutrients that’s fine either split the nutrients over two waterings a week or use plain water every other watering.



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Harvested the Royal critical! Got some really good buds…waiting for them to dry and then I’ll weigh.