Rqs critical grow journal


here is a pic of my rqs critical she is only 2 weeks old I’m feeding her with Dyna Gro 795 with a viparspectra 300 and a viparspectra 600 also in about a week I will brush those pretty green leaves with some Dyna Gro neem oil just to make sure no pesky pests I am open to any suggestions and or criticism as I make it through the Journey will keep you posted with any new information and of course new pics


I’m keeping the pH around 6.19 had it around a 5.8 realized she likes it a little higher I started her last week with a PPM a 450 brought it up to 800 yesterday



Also i use 10ml of pro-tekt and 10ml of hydrogaurd in every reservoir change

Look beautiful to me!

I have a question guys @Laurap @Ron330 @M4ur i got up this morning and had a case of root rot so i changed the res to plain water with hydrogaurd and protekt 15 ml each any other suggestions

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Do you know the res Temps? How’s the bubbles?

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The rez temp has never made it above 68 and I keep 160 gallon air pump with two lines running in a 5 gallon bucket I have a much bigger Green Crack growing in the same setup with no root problem looks like the hydro guards taken care of it I was just making sure that’s the only stuff I could take

I’m not a hydro guy so I don’t know much… But maybe @Donaldj can help you whit that(sorry for the tag, I know it’s new year🎉)

Yeah that’s all I’ve got wait on the expert
The bubble be poppin!!

Hello @Donaldj i need a little help if at all possible take a look at what I’ve already posted if you have any questions I will answer them so you can give me hopefully a few pointers

5-10ml/L peroxide and sometimes can just be staining from nutrients or loose clumps floatys caught in root mass use peroxide adding daily with reg nutrient solution it kills both good and bad bacteria once you figure you are back to sterile then you can add bene’s again. If you are using flora series you can run entire grow sterile by using h2o2 29-30% peroxide solution just lower dosing and every other day stronger than med cabinet peroxide. I also pump closer to 960gph air 160gph is fairly low but quite normal when you haven’t upgraded much hydro gear yet :wink:

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Very much appreciated on the feedback bro I will give all of those to try and I will definitely be upgrading my air pump real soon I will let you know how everything turns out if you don’t mind

just buy me up and the hydro guard by 5 ml has helped by 30% already I’m going to give it another 24 hours

It looks more like black dirt and the roots are not slimy or week

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