Royal Jack from RQS is it ready?

Hi this is my first indoor grow after 2 not very good attempts outdoor and I’m not sure when should I harvest. Jack is 60 days after germanisation and by RQS it should be harvested after 9-10 weeks (1-2 weeks more) I know that this sativa dominant plant should be harvestet a bit earlier then usuall to get most psychoactive high. It is grown under M30 sanlight LED lamp set for 20h per day in 26 celcious and 50% humidity in soil and using scrog method, i water it once per 3-4 days with clean PH~6.0 water. Here are some pics:

In my oppinion i should wait like 4-7 days more.


1 more week and go for it nice job that should make your ears ring

Yes, you’ve got at least another week to go.

thx guys, my plants finally made me proud :smiley: