Round Two! White Widow Autogrow

If you have an old grill screen I have seen that work. A pvc frame with string is cheap- under $15.

@bob31 @suctionmed I actually found this beauty on Amazon which is exactly what I was trying to figure out how to make it work. Something that would just attach to the frame of my tent itself. Gonna give it a shot see how it works out.


perfect @growingherbies

@Hogmaster @bob31 @Stomper Alright alright - these are WAY overdue. I actually wound up losing the two I originally planted. So these babies I plated August 26th. Saturday will be the beginning of week 11. These I actually have done nothing but plant them in FFOF and water with RO water. No worm castings, no training. I don’t know if genetics is why they’re so much shorter than the other two were or if it’s because I didn’t use the castings, maybe a combination of the two. But these babies are THICK. Nice tall thick dense buds. Trichomes are just starting to be slightly milky at the end. Going to start two more this week sprouting while these babies finish up. The last two were taller but the buds weren’t this thick and dense. Curious to see what kind of weight I get out of these two. Next round I’m going FFOF and worm castings again and doing the scrog to see how that affects things. Let me know what you guys think.


Those are purty. I am not experienced with autos so I can’t speak to training and timing on them except for second hand stuff. Not sure about scroging autos tho. Most do very little with them except feed and water. That’s their beauty.

SCROGing an auto wouldn’t work. They go into flower before they would benefit from the topping / fiming and scroging @growingherbies

And, they do look great!

I’d gotten mixed responses when asking about the scrogging of them. My last two grew taller than these are, but these have much denser buds. Curious to see how the weights compare once I harvest and dry. Genetics, man. lol


If you wait till the 5th node and then fim or top within a week they will begin flowering. They need another couple of weeks and another fim or top to have enough to scrog and then you need to let them grow until 75% of the SCROG is full and then start flowering.

I just don’t mess with the Autos. @growingherbies

there are a lot of opinions on the subject but I feel it only hurts your yields. The best way to understand it is to try it yourself if you have the beans to do so!

Generally you wind up with a dry weight of about 20% of the wet weight. If you are interested we have a topic where you can post your wet and dry weights


Harvested Bob & Ziggy today - 155 grams of wet weight. First round it was 159, so even though these two wound up quite a bit smaller, the weight’s not that far off compared to last time. The buds are nice and dense. I was concerned the yield would be a lot less, but, really, it’s not that much of a difference. Hooray genetics! :laughing:


Just gorgeous @growingherbies

Congrats…those look pretty tasty to me. Could you share the final height/width of your WW Autos? I just ordered some…

They’re both in 2 gallon pots. The first round they were about 22" above the top of the pot - I didn’t measure this time - but they couldn’t been more than 12-14" above - mush shorter, but I had a hard time getting the scissors in to cut sugar leaves out. The buds were HELLA dense and thick. THe main colas were as big as my hand and a good 3" in diameter probably. First go around with WW my final weight was just over 2 1/2 ounces between the two plants. I quick dried some because I was impatient so I don’t know exact weight on that. I’ll let you know what final weight winds up being on these once they dry out. You won’t be disappointed. What kind of grow space do you have? I’m growing in a 2’ x 2’ x 4’ tent. Just using RO water and FFOF soil. No nutes whatsoever.

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Thanks, growingherbies…waiting on my 20 WWA beans to arrive. Sounds like I’ll be able to run them all at once. How is the stink factor while growing?

I wish I had the room to do all 20 at once. I have a 2’x2’ grow tent - can fit 2 in there pretty nicely - which - just growing for me, so it works out about perfectly. The stink factor, dear God. Starting about 6 weeks in the whole house smells like it. I don’t notice it because I’m used to it, but if I’m gone for a while and come home I’m like “Holy hello white widows!”

I don’t use carbon filters or ventilation or anything. Literally running a 10" fan into the bottom - it circulates the air up through the top pretty well and keeps them happy. So if discretion is necessary, look at investing in carbon filters or proper ventilation of some sort.

Luckily, nobody ever comes over so I don’t have to worry about it much.

What kind of grow space do you have?

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My space will accept anything up to 60" including pot and still have a 24" buffer for lights. Its just under 3 ft wide and 8 ft long. For lights…a Platinum 600 and a Platinum 300 (led’s) tied together and on a light mover. I’ve used an oddball ozone set up in the past for odor but I have all the stuff to make a carbon filter so I think I’ll do just that while I’m waiting for my seeds to show up.
Thanks, again…very helpful.

Is your odor control fairly cost-effective? Been trying to come up with something that won’t cost too much.

I figure I’m $15 or less per month for odor control/ventilation that consists of: 2, 5" computer fans that ride the light mover and run 15 minutes every 30 minutes. Very gentle coverage from above. Then there’s a cheap 6" oscillating fan I keep at or just below canopy level that runs 10 minutes per hour and really gets things moving. My belief being that intermittent strong breezes make for good stiff plant structure as well as providing a hostile environment for pests/mold. I never get either. Then I have a cheap Home Depot shop vac on “blow” at floor level that isn’t on a timer. I just turn it on for a few minutes when I feel like it…gets great, fast circulation around pots at the floor level. Finally, up in the corner at ceiling level is another computer fan that gently exhausts from the grow room directly to a corner of the garage at which my ozone generator, set on low, is pointed. Result…no pot odor in the garage and no ozone odor or oxidation in the grow area. See why I call it oddball? It works well, but its pretty convoluted.
Have you experimented with Ozium or any of the solid air fresheners? That might do it for a smaller space. Or, something like a 4" inline fan with a small carbon filter…almost overkill but I bet it would last a long time.

I haven’t really experimented with anything. Might check out Ozium though. Really just need to sit it on top of the tent - would grab it. I have a 10" desktop fan at the bottom intake and it blows out the top pretty good. So it’s pushing out the smell. It’s in a little nook in our bedroom so the smell gets pretty strong around week 6 or so. I don’t mind it so much, but the wife’s not the biggest fan of it.

Bit of a disappointment - got 39 grams out of the two plants - but it’s hella good bud. Nice head high, not much couchlock. Round three’s already going - so it’s ALLLLLL gravy baby. But definitely going to keep a better eye on humidity level and use the damn worm castings.

39 grams is nothing to sneeze at. Not for 3 months grow time and nothing but RO water and good soil.

Grow and learn, my friends, grow and learn. :+1:

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Glad you got some good smoke! My seeds arrived so I’ll be a white widower soon…

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