Round Two! White Widow Autogrow

After much enjoyment of my last harvest, and much confusion about a housing situation, I’ve FINALLY started grow #2. Didn’t want to be mid-grow and have to move and all that bullshit, so I waited.

Anyway - planted two more babies yesterday - waiting for the sprout and will get pics up tomorrow or so. Here’s to hoping this crop is as good as the first!!!

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Your really going to injoy watching them girls go last 3 time I grew ww 68 days 70 days 72 days 65% milky 35% amber :+1:t2: Can’t wait to watch :pig_nose:



I just got done growing W.W Auto. I think you will like the end result.

Will 48


WW makes good hash mmmm.


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I grew from seed to harvest in exactly 12 weeks with the last two. More milky than amber - baaarely amber tips on the trichomes. Couldn’t wait anymore. I oven dried enough to get me through - still tasted good but I’m not super duper picky about taste like a lot of people are. Excellent highs. Like 10% couchlock, 60% chill, 10% giggly and 20% munchies. Excellent. Oddly enough, they have a slight difference in the high. Guess genetics are never 100% straight across the board, eh?


I like white widows. I’ve never grown an autoflower white widow but have had a few photo persiod white widow grows both with great success


@growingherbies are those technical terms? Gave me a chuckle. Happy growing.


@AnneBonny Yes. Totally technical. :slight_smile:

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Unforseen circumstances destroyed #2. Thank God I was only a few weeks in. SO here we go. Technically #3, but I’m still leaving it as #2. Seeds have been immersed around 36 hours now. I’m not even messing with smaller pots this time, I’m going straight into the FFOF soil. 1 gallon pots seemed to yield pretty good for me last time, so that’s what I’m sticking with this time. My biggest issue at this point is the humidity stability. I’ve gone through two humidifiers with the first grow. Anyone have any suggestions that are fairly affordable?

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@Stomper @bob31 I am complete crap at keeping this updated this time around, but we are 17 days into round #2 and they are growing quite nicely. I am only watering with RO water but upgraded my watering bottle this time around and got one made for gardening. I can control from mist to stream so that’s been a godsend. So much more efficient than using that damn dollar tree spray bottle I had last time around.

I didn’t use the big gray pot this time. I found another one that takes up less room across but still the same size volume-wise, so maybe that will help with lighting disbursement this time around.

I’ll take some pics Saturday and throw them up when we’re at the three week mark. This time, again, not going to use any nutrients or anything, just growing straight FFOF with RO water. Worked the first time around and I like to be as natural and chemical-free as I can be.

Oh, and last round was Snoop & Martha, but the wife and I have decided that it’s Bob & Ziggy this time around because Marley’s Pandora station is the station of choice when we’re tokin. Booyah. Let’s DO this.


I have about 10 Bob and the Wailers CDs. Legend will always be my fav.


Why not! I’m in! LOL

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@bob31 @Stomper Day 29. These girls are much bigger than the last round! Must be the lighting control. It’s the only thing that’s different.

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@growingherbies they look great! You are doing a great job with them!

4.75" tall now as opposed to this time last time - pic below is Snoop & Martha.

Very nice. I’ll watch!

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I have a 2’ x 2’ tent - what would the easiest way to build a scrog net in this size be? I’d really like to get them to spread out more this time around.

do you have anything around the house already that you can use for the scrog? Old fencing or something? I used old plastic coated fencing for mine @growingherbies

There are lots of ways to do a scrog. I used 2x3s. But mine isn’t a tent. The pvc pipe ones are easy to build and can be made to tear down. Wood posts with some fencing.

If you have an old grill screen I have seen that work. A pvc frame with string is cheap- under $15.