Round Three! White Widow

Touche, good sir. Tou…che.

Not really, just good humor like the song.I think it would be awesome to smoke one with Willie. At my age, Toby is a pup in a good way.

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@growingherbies, If you have the time I would like to recommend that you go out to YouTube and listen to Todd Snider - The Story of the Ballad of the Devil’s Backbone Tavern. It’s a great story from the heart of Texas.

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@growingherbies, Wasn’t sure if I could post a link. I think you may like this.

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Wellllll round 3.1 died. They sprouted as seeds but never did anything once I put them in the germination pots. So 3.2 was planted on Christmas Day. They’ve sprouted up about 1" above the soil so grow, baby, grow!!!