Round three! Indoor run

Ordered the book @Fatz1973
Figure a great read on my next trip. Don’t take much time to read at home!! Even fun reading gets dropped!

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I’ve found valuable tips I can make an addition to my current grow. In the beginning it’s a bit redundant about what we’ve been missing out on with synthetics or even the additives you would think are organic but is just fancy advertising ploys. When he gets into the meat of the operation it becomes very interesting. I’m sure you will enjoy it. :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

Happiest of holidays to all. Bundle up with your loved ones!
@Graysin @JaneQP @Fatz1973 @Fieldofdreams @GreggT

Girls are getting ready to finish.
SFV is ready but still not a ton of amber

I have seen major swelling on the Tahoe and WC
I think they would be great with a harvest tomorrow night but I think I’ll give ‘em another week.



After the family goes home on Christmas I will cut the sfv. Gonna be a long and festive day!!
Be safe and slightly insane!


Tahoe w hand for size
Overall back left and center WC right back sfv and Tahoe is foreground


Well wishes right back at you!

Now *that’s * a Merry Christmas!!

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Happy holidays! Hope you and the fam had a merry Christmas. :snowflake:

What a whirlwind week!! Hope all had a great holiday!
@JaneQP @JaneQP @Fatz1973 @Fieldofdreams @Graysin @GreggT

Chopped the sfv.
Spread the rest out to finish in as much light as I have.
Here is the trim shots:

Here is what is left figure coming weekend I will make final assessment.

This mantis spent all day dropping an egg sac right above my shed door. Happy to have her in the garden!!

And to boot, the waves have been amazing!!
Took the stand up out for some holiday fun!


Awesome!!! I am envious of all of it!!! Especially the mantis. The curls looked like a great time too. Looks like your week is kicking off to be a great end to 2022. Surf n Slam!

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Harvest looks amazing and how I miss a large body of water nearby. Closest place is a 20 minute drive and we have to pay an entrance fee.

As much as I have trouble with ca cost of living, the traffic, homeless, earthquake, give me a day in the surf or on the boat and I accept all the bs!!
Probably be retiring in Mexico so I can be closer to water and afford life!! Plus the older I get the cold (I know ca is not cold) sucks!
P :slight_smile:

I visited Ca. when I was a teenager. Spent two weeks driving down PCH from San Fran to San Diego. I have not been back and will cherish the memories of Ca. I have. I would hate to go back and have that bubble burst. In 1991 it was clean, enjoyable and relatively safe. :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

Still all the good if you stay out of the big cities
That is why I live in Ventura area. Just out of Diego and la crowds. Still holding on to the magic.
South of us and the Bay Area area blown up with people not my thing.
Don’t be afraid to come back just stay in central zone Morro bay Santa Barbara all rad

@Prock :heart::call_me_hand::call_me_hand: I am rural through and through.

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I’m a rural heart married to a city gal so we are comprised with the suburban garden life!!

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Harvest day 2
@Fatz1973 @GreggT @JaneQP @Graysin @Fieldofdreams
Wedding cake and Tahoe are cut and trimmed.

They look very similar so I put tape on the stems.


Wedding cake

Middle of trimming the clone god showed up…

So the reset button is fully deployed!
New girls are:
Wedding cake again, I was so impressed with how it looked.
Blackberry gelato. This is an “exclusive” cut and cost 35 per.
Last round were 12 per but they are up to 18 now.
I figure try the 35 and see if it is twice as good!!

The sfv I pulled at Christmas is a few days from dry. Probably by the end of the weekend I’ll put her in the grove bag to cure. I’ll post pics when I clean that up for cure.

Have a great and safe new year!!


Nice harvest!! Congrats!! Round four has begun!!!

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Beautiful specimens :call_me_hand::call_me_hand: you certainly nailed grow #3 I’m definitely looking forward to the smoke report on all 3 strains when they’re all cured up. Congratulations!!! :deciduous_tree::fire::dash::rocket::drooling_face:

Hells to the yea!!

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