Round leaves on buds and a few nanners on one plant

That’s a good question, wish I knew the answer for sure.

Sometimes foxtailing is part of the genetics of the species of plant and it is to be expected.

I’ve heard some claim foxtailing is caused by light intensity too high at end of flower. Maybe the
Quantum board is just too bright. If so you can send it to me and I’ll suffer through the foxtailing.:smiley:
That, or you could gradually turn down light intensity at end of life.

Some claim it is caused by stress. Maybe the switch of light was all it took, in which case you should probably keep the light for your next grow. :frowning:

You doing good, don’t let it get you down. Still smokes :+1:t3:

Appears I answered wrong question. Nanners happen to some, don’t know why. I’ve never noticed any on my plants in 15 years of growing.

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Thats awesome of you thank you @CMichGrower . I took a couple out for pics to try to show nanners a bit better. Im sure im seeing them. I got a second opinion with better eyes and they see them also. What should i do about that. There are too many to pick off. i was planning on harvesting in a week or so. I havnt checked trichs yet either.


The nanners have done their damage. Just let her go until she finishes. You’ll have some seeds to play with too.

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Ok kool Thank you @BobbyDigital. I guess its not a big deal but its buggin me how it happend. My temps are always on the low end. I keep a pretty good eye on my lights so their not too close or far away. My humidity is low but thats nothing new.And im almost positive i have no light leak. I dont get it?

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Genetics. Most hermies are going to happen because they were predestined to. With a small light leak, you may get some nanners directly in the spot the light was hitting but it won’t be all over the plant.

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Thats crazy i got these seeds from a reputable seed company. And there are nanners on multiple plants and multiple places on plants also. not from ilgm i will add

I’ve gotten nanners on ILGM plants. It’s just the nature of feminized seeds. They are born from hermie pollen so that trait can present itself no matter how good the breeder.

Ah ok i didnt kno that. So its somthing that happens to all growers new and experienced and also with good seeds?

Correct. If you want ultimate rigorousness, you want reg seeds or clones from reg seeds. But the downfall with those is the 50/50 male/female ratio. You could spend 4 weeks growing a plant to find it’s a male. If it’s a clone, it’s already been determined to be female or they wouldn’t have cloned it.

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When i start my new grow after i move im going to start working with reg seeds also one or two of a strain at a time and do a couple strains. eventually ill have some hermie proof shit for the most part

If i veg for as long as it takes will plants show sex in veg? And how long in general does that take

Absolutely. How long really depends on the plant. This is an example after 6 weeks veg (not counting the 2 weeks seedling stage)

I live in Canada and cant shop on ilgm. i understand there are rules but can ppl here tell me of reputable seed suppliers i may have access to?


I’ve only ordered from here, Nirvana and seedsman. Check seedsman or nirvana to see if they ship to Canada. They’re both reputable. Seedsman even throws in some extras with your order