Round 5 Seed/Clone Grow need help with clones

Hey idk if you’ll be able to see this picture but like my first grow we’re winging it. 4 Blue berry from seed. 2 Bruce Banger clones, 2 Black Sugar clones, and 2 White Widow clones. From right to left.

Saved some pollen from a male Big Bud gonna attempt to cross pollinate with the Black Sugar and make Big Black (from Rob and Big)

New to the discussion board but have been using ILGM for a year now learning and thought it was high time to time some highs… or something like that.

Some Clones don’t seem to be growing… what up wit dat?!


If the mother was flowering when the cuttings were taken, they need to go through reveg and this can take quite a while. Maybe 3-4 weeks before you will really see new growth. Otherwise it simply takes time for them to throw down roots. They need to this before they can grow.
The photo of these clones was taken on 7/10. The cuttings were taken in May while the mother was still in veg. I will admit they were somewhat neglected because I was trying to buy time before I had to deal with them.

Six of them are in a little SOG Scrog grow. Taken 8/11


That’s gotta be it they still have a couple white hairs on them

Ahhh cloning :slight_smile: fills me will joy , some cuttings just need a smile and they prove , some need to watch me bash my head against a block wall

Anyways what I was meaning is there are a lot of different ways but it can really only factor down to a few things and the different ways have there certain strengths, so changing it up or switching methods should never be discounted in my opinion, the plant material isn’t dead until it ceases to move fluid or the gray mold gets it . For me personally I’ve had trouble with charlottes web and recently blue dream which ran beside the alpine star and Acapulco, both of which were very happy to prove in both earoponic or however that’s spelt I just call it clone machine and peat pellets under some old school, but the bluey like to see me hurt a while, hang in there chap never give em an easy win

A couple photos and dates of a monster cropped clone

One month from cutting

Finally - new growth after six weeks

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When you put them in water do you let them sprout new roots before potting them.

I’ve been dipping it in a cloning gel and potting them straight from cutting. In a dome for a week. Slowly open vents. Then by about 2-3 weeks remove the dome.

I put the cuttings directly into water. Then, I dip in Bonide Rooting Powder and straight into prepared soil with a sprinkle of Great White.

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