Round 3 Fight ! Super Skunk


You’ll be busy here soon! Happy growing!

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I got 5 SS photos a few weeks from harvest

These young ladies are 15 days old. Looking forward to watching them grow. I have learned that get out of the plants way. Bring them room service food and water and they will do the rest lmao.

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Hey growmie how was the skunk. I know all are different but can you give me your perspective on difficulties if any.

I’ve got 12 SS clones in the tent now in heavy flower.

It’s a relatively easy grow with Jacks. The mom was fed FF and did great till lock out issues. That has nothing to do with the plant though.
They don’t stretch a whole lot and in retrospect I should have let them get a little taller before the flip, but it’s all good.
They responded well to Recharge and Mammoth P but would benefit from any microbe blend I’m sure.

The smoke is nice and easy with a good buzz. I plan on pushing these clones further and see if i can grow some crippler! I also plan to take buds as they’re ready as opposed to cutting the entire plant at once.

Tent smells are AWESOME!!

BTW - it clones pretty easily!
Good Luck with your grow!!

It’s easy to grow, doesn’t stretch too bad, makes big skunk smelling but sweet tasting buds. It seems to like a bit more nitrogen than some. I found it a no grow outdoors though as it seems to have no resistance to powdery mildew.

Absolutely beautiful girls wow. Im a fan boy right now.:laughing:

Got dam powdery mildew. I stopped with the high humidity in the 60’s and 70’s. Im only talking about what worked for me ofcourse but high humidity welcomes critters mildew police every dam thing. :laughing:

IlGM SuperSkunk

Its the holidays so this pic should have a song think it should be frosty the snowman lmao.

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3 week old girls. Question my humidifier broke down so i bought a evaporative humidifier best i could find quickly. Im using ac infinity T8 fan my readings are coming back as 62 % humidity. So do i have to use ultrasonic humidifier with the water droplets in the air. Or i can use evaporative humidifier. O yeah evaporative humidifier uses a fan to blow into water causing it to evaporate moisture that u cant see in the air. Quick description😆