Round 3.5... or 4? Yea I’ll go with 4. Def Round 4

Soooo… here we are again! This is my 4th ‘real’ grow.
First grow: 30w/ around 30 grams… horrible yield… i knew nothing. I learned here… long story short u need lights and nutes…
Second Grow: 200w diy qb/ ~4-500 grams of grade A weed (minimum)… i thought life was good. Made 75~ seeds off an AH male. Didnt buy weed this year til April. WIN!!! Those were the good days…
Round 3: by far my most investd grow… 300w of qb diy light… $150 worth of seeds… 0 grams worth of yield. Had problems. Cut my losses n been retired… like 5 months?

And again… here we are… im starting with free lighting (the sun in a southeastern window) no nutes (fish emuls will need rebuying) and in poo 6 slot trays for veggies and seedling soil (with a bit of ffof leftover mixed in)

Strains (so far): Purple Trainwreck x Afghan Hash, Double Black (black domina), Critical Super Silver Haze, Berry Bomb, White Strawberry (Strawberry Cough x The White) all seeds up and a couple days old. Pics later

Tags? Im too high for that sh!t rn… will drop bombs later with pics. Thanks for following and being patient (if u know me u know it takes loads)


Im here Purp! :sunglasses::v:

My man Silent! Thanks for stopping by n tagging in. Hoping i get half the haul and colors u had last go. Think this will be my clone em and mother em grow. Want to keep all these strains rn, and maybe weed out the less then desirables… anywho if i ef up let me know bout it


I’ll be watching

Thanks Ken. Dont think ive seen u round (or im just a pothead…) regardless welcome aboard. N pull up a bowl

I don’t post much i follow and ready a lot

Right on man! Best of luck on this grow

Good luck purpleman rooting for ya!

Thanks @Cyle1. Its about damn time i got back into the swing. When i got home i saw two more seedlings looking green (makes 4) so figured id start the journal on up. And i see u typing @Jbum thanks for coming thru


Over here stalking lol


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Hell ya I love watching weed grow

Gotta get ur creep on bro


Damn u slipped thru the cracks smooth man. Just Lurk Mode eh?

@Cyle1 sound familiar? (Hahaha hypothetical of course. U post bout much as me :rofl::rofl::rofl:)

You got some nice strains that trainwreck sound like a beast

Critical want to grow some of them hell ya excited about your grow

It really was my fav strain outta round 2. The sativa really came out n the flavor was weird but refreshing. Absolutely the best ive ever smoked. Supposedly Purple Mendigo (the OG GDP) x Trainwreck… and i BELIEVE them

And ive never been a Haze fan but Critical added? Sign me up :joy::joy:


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Set to watching, good luck brother