Round 2 (the Ganja Round) Already in Progress

Caught this the other day for the first time & it killed me LOL.

Just going to jump right in (it is in progress :grin:) .
Started these girl March 3rd I believe. Soaked & into rapid rooters.
Strains: Aurora, Bubba’s Gift, Cookies Kush and Tahoe OG aka TOG.
5X5 Tent
Lights: 2 HLG 260 XL, These things are the Bomb, I love em but more importantly the girls Love them. Thank you @dbrn32 :wink:
FFOF soil, and the usual condiments and accoutrements.

The girls were off to a great start this time around, made a few mistakes the last time right at the beginning.
Thanks to @GreenJewels for her slotted cup technique, that in and of itself made a huge difference, last grow I transplanted too early and caused major trauma to my Big Bud girl . Also @Familyman, I read in one of his threads about putting a few drops of hydrogen peroxide at the soaking stage, worked very nicely. Another thing I did differently was to go from cup to their 5gal homes and I really believe it helped by reducing the potential stress by eliminating unnecessary (imo) handling. Getting rid of that transplant was a game changer for me and I thank @zparkie2 since that’s where I saw him doing it and it made perfect sense, part of the arsenal now dude.
So…in the toddler/youg 'uns stage.
This is the grow with the weird (seems to be a lot of that going round these days ;o) three leaf producing Tahoe OG.

Had a bit of a hiccup a little while back w the ph spiking but thankfully got it under control.


Aside from the ph issue things have been going along nicely, been very light on the nutes cause that ffof, I just recently started to really feed them, which along with the new light brought about its own set of issues. Mainly how to control them. Always Fun!
Thanks to @Missiles @GreenJewels for their awesome grows, @BigDaddyCain and @Granddaddy013 for their incredible trimming techniques. You guys really inspired me to go for that style of pruning after I saw Jewels’ Cheesy Marijuana Monster.
I hope I did not over do it, it seemed like I took off a lot of leaves. Here are some before & after shots.
This is what they looked like on May 30th.

These two are TOG after

This is Cookies Kush, she’s real small but very sturdy, I’m excited about her, not big yields but thats ok.

Bubba G

This is all of them after trim, that’s Aurora in the lower right hand corner.
I felt (and had plenty to show) that I took so many leaves off but after this last picture they still had more than I thought.


Oh I forgot to mention they’re just on their second week of flower. I flipped them on may 24th and plunged them for 60 hour of dark (I had to, was away).
FLOWER: when does the exact Flowering stage begin, not at the flip but when the little hairs become quite visible?! (I refer to it as Star-in, they look like little stars at the tops) which they are starting to exhibit signs of now.
A week later (June 4th) since I trimmed them, unbelievable! I went at them pretty hard but hopefully not too much so.


BuBBa G!

Cookies Kush (I call her Little cookies kush)

TOG, She’s a Beast, Bubba & Aurora are no slouches but TOG’s genetics are incredible.

This is Cookies & Tahoe, the biggest and the smallest

And the family shot

I really felt like I stripped the hell out of them, I hope I did not stress them out too much, they seem very happy.
This is what they look like today


At this point I am only feeding every other watering, ph is fine and ppm are 116-126x10. I have one more round of trimming next week which I dont quite know what to expect. I am intentionally letting them get as tall as possible, they’re bushy enough.
Been feeding them probably half rations gonna increase the nutes in the next few weeks.
As far as nutes right now I am using…
CalMag, Slf 100,
Big Bloom probably more like quater serving.
Tiger Bloom
And second small feeding of Open Sesame, dont know if I should to a third? they recommend it but it suposed to be before flower, which it technically was?!? since there were no signs of flowers at the time.
MegaCrop 1/2 tsp.
Bud Candy 1 Tsp.

They look healthy. I have the light running at about 80%± I want some headroom/reserve when they’re in their 5th week of flower and beyond. Does this make any sense or should I be running them full out
@dbnr32 ?


Oh my goodness @Mote they look

I think you did a great job defoliating them. You’ll be surprised how quick they’ll grow back! It looks like you opened up a lot of Bud sites for the light :wink:


Thank you @Missiles, you’re an inspiration and you’re on my Guru list. I’m just hoping they do the Right thing! and did not get too stressed out. They looked like stems with tops when I finished trimming, I was like damn, this is either going to pay off or I just Jacked them :laughing:
Aside from the trim I’m just letting them go.


Awww shucks @Mote :blush: you are too kind!

I have seen others strip their plants worse than that in in about a week maybe not even that long you can never even tell they did it! Your girls really do look good :grin: only good things ahead :wink:


Sweet! I usually like to start getting light dialed up after stretch is complete. So like week 2-3 of 12/12 assuming plants were mature enough to flower.


The flower stretch is done by the 2nd-3rd week of flower or am I misunderstanding that?
The plants are definitely flowering, I like to do a decent veg period dont see the point in rushing that.


Usually. Or at least first couple of weeks most prevalent.


Tagging some of you guys.
@OldSchoolGrower, @fano_man @Jbum, @imSICKkid, @WickedAle, @Cyle1, @DoobieNoobie, @Budbrother, @Bogleg, @Bubblehead


Wow! thank you, I did not know that. Well, I have another week+ so I hope they stretch as much as their little hears desire :smiley:


I believe in my heart of hearts based on my limited but first hand experience that the plants grow for more like three weeks after the flip. The third week is mostly the tight nodes forming that make colas.


Hey @Mote thanks for the tag love following along


Hi @Bogleg and thank you for stopping by. That’s really interesting, I was under the misguided impression that the stretch went on for much longer, where I came up with that tidbit will remain a mystery.
Every day I learn something new about this incredible plant :wink:


Thanks @Cyle1, glad to have you along :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Mote that is perfect now leave them be so they can heal but by the end of week 3 flower you will do a final trim to take rest then you only take leafs that are dmg or blocking light to bud sights below it


Thanks for the tag, I’m set to watch. Your girls are looking great. I’m excited to watch them grow. :v::green_heart:


Thank you @BigDaddyCain, I was going to basically trim the hell out of them again at basically a week from when I last trimmed them. But now that I read this I will do as instructed, thank you again I appreciate your clear advice.