Round 2 super skunk fem

Gonna start a journal and try to remember to update but this is my 3rd indoor grow. Only have gotten around 3 to 4 oz both times and I definitely want to have more the 3rd go round so any suggestions on how long to veg bc both time veg was done for about 30 days. Have 2 viparspectra model v600. Which pull about 200 something watts from wall per light. Any suggestions would be great! Currently still drying the second run,hopefully cure goes well.


Sadly ,these babies did not make it?? Light was 21 in and sprayed 2x a day to keep moist but maybe over did it?? Might try hydroponics. All seeds cracked but didn’t make it beyond that… HELP

That soil is way way way too wet.
Overwatering is lethal, and most of us myself included learned this lesson the same way. I killed my first seeds the same way. Now I dont water them at all untill they are at least a week old.
Plant in soil that is merely damp, keep it covered for the first day or two and then let it grow.
Just watch them and if it looks like its too dry, drooping down, then give it a little water. Killing one by not watering takes a long time.


Appreciate it buddy,just dropped 4 more. Got them covered this time ,sprayed one spray and I’m going to leave it alone for a few days now!