Round 2, Purple HAZE, 9lb Hammer and Golden Triangle Winter Indoor grow


Just started my second grow, Purple haze has already pop up, still waiting on the 9lb hammer and golden triangle to join the party
Indoor tent 48x48
Advanced Nutrients
LED 450W and 800W


yay!! good luck. they look good


Cool what system do you have? I think it was dwc if I remember correct?


Yes DWC hydro


2 weeks in. Golden triangle didn’t make it so I put another purple haze in.


Both plants just got topped, 3rd seed should be cresting the rock wool today. So far so good


Coming up on week 4. Changing water every Saturday just at half strength on advanced nutrients Sensi grow.


Cool! How’s the grow goin? What’s ur ph? Ppm?
Looking good


It’s going great. Thank you Started off a little rough one didn’t make it but the 2nd seed is up and roots are just coming thru the basket. I’m really loving the hydro system. Ph has been around 5.8 to 6.0 lately.


Did u diy ur hydro?


Totally. Pretty much YouTube it.


I’m interested in getting into it. What style is ur setup?


DWC, 5 gallon buckets, air pump for the air stones, mix with what ever nutrients you like, I have a couple LED lights, exhaust fan and intake, your ready to go. Yes there’s all kinds of fancy stuff you can get but with just some basic materials you can do it and you can build onto that basic setup.


2 purple haze
1 9 pound hammer